Swabhiman serial news – Meghna nd Kunal win the competition

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Here’s what is in store for viewers of Swabhiman serial on Colors TV.

In the upcoming episodes of Swabhimaan, it will be seen that Meghna and Naina celebrate to welcome their triumph in the competition. Both the couples give all the best to each other.

Meghna and Kunal become the winner of the best couple competition. They cut a cake along with everybody. Dadaji makes the moments special for them. He is happy that the trophy has returned to the family. He celebartes the occasion with a party for Meghna and Kunal. However, the party gets ruined with a news on TV.

The reporter tells about a man throwing black colour on Sharda’s face and the people throwing stones at Sharda’s house. They show the photos of Sharda and minister. 

What will happen next? How will Meghna and Naina save their mother’s image and respect? Will Kunal and Karan support them? Will Meghna find out about Karan’s father involvement in this scandal?

Keep reading this space for all the latest news and gossips of Swabhiman.

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