Tu Aashiqui 28 September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update

Colors serial Tu Aashiqui Written Update 28th September 2017, Tu Aashiqui 28 September 2017 Written Update

Today’s (28.09.2017) Tu Aashiqui episode featuring Ahan (Ritvik Arora) and Pankti (Jannat Zubaair Rahmani) starts with Ahaan plays guitar and sings Aankhein Teri Roothi Roothi..;Kyun Lage Har Dafa….

JD enters his room his wife asks JD to give only chance to Ahaan JD again marks his excuses saying he don’t want to make Ahaan’s way easy he want him to get his success by himself he have planned big for Ahaan’s future, his wife praises him for caring Ahaan.

JD’s phone rings Anitais calling him while he is hiding call from his wife.

JD says that he also cares for his wife his wife suddenly questions him if he is having any affair because she is seeing him from many days that he is very busy, she hugs JD and gets cozy but JD denies for it telling her about his important meeting.

His wife tells JD that she will not let him go today, JD agrees to spend time with her the duo confesses love while JD’s phone still rings.

JD comes shouting Pankti, Anita gets shocked, JD goes in room and drags her to hall he throttles Pankti and harass her, JD recalls her about mall goons Pankti says that she got scared, JD says it was important to teach them lesson, Pankti is JD’s property only JD can own Pankti.

JD says that the person will also learn lesson who is following her, Pankti asks who?

JD thinks that Pankti doesn’t know him, he changes the topic, JD warns Anita that if anybody will see Pankti then she will not get any cheque.

Ahaan again gives audition for song, Music Director insults Ahaan and badmouths Ahaan’s singing, his style and his inspiration.

He asks Ahaan to change his words and tells Ahaan that his inspiration is cheap, Ahaan gets angry and throttles him, Uday manages the situation Ahaan says that he will himself leave this audition, Ahaan and Uday goes.

Uday hints Ahaan to make his song reach Pankti;Ahaan says that he got an idea to make Pankti believe that he is suffered from her viral fever

JD shows footage to Pankti, Pankti sees video she is crying while she suddenly sees Ahaan and throws phone while JD doesn’t see him…Pankti says that she knows no one in footage JD says to Pankt,..No Problem Babu,  JD warns Pankti that if she knew him then it will be last video of that person.

Ahaan and Uday post video on YouTube to reach Pankti

JD gives a diamond ring to Pankti, Pankti is upset JD throws ring and asks Pankti why she is giving look like dead he gets angry on Pankti.

JD asks Pankti to demand any gift he will give her he is open heart; Uday and Ahaan post video Ahaan invites everyone for ‘concert in Mahabaleshwar…

Pankti says to JD he can’t give her what she wants, JD again gets angry he now confronts what she wants;Pankti says she wants


Pankti asks JD to give her permission she want to go Mahabaleshwar for two days.. JD agrees Pankti goes to Mahabaleshwar, Uday and Ahaan also a rrives


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