Amul Masterchef India 4: Ashish, Karishma win Ticket To Finale, Semi Final Last Challenge, 04 April 205

Masterchef India 4: Pratibha gets Eliminated in Last Challenge of Semi Final

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Today’s (04.04.2015) Star Plus MasterChef India 4 starts with continuation of yesterday’s episode where Karishma, Pratibha and Ashish have to cook a dish in 60 minutes using their respective type of mangoes.

Only two contestants out of the three will win Ticket To Finale and one will get eliminated in today’s challenge.

Karishma goofs up with her pastry dough for papdi rings as she uses rice flour instead of maida. She panics but lter takes some maida from Ashish and remakes her Papdi rings.

Ashish too struggles with his jelly rings.

with one min left, contestants sta plating, Karishma happy with her papdi rings

Karishma presents her Kacche Aam Ka Bomb. Chef Ranveer Brar likes her presentation and appreciates that she took Kacche Aam which is tricky in flavour and she made a really good dish with the coconut filling.

Ashish presents his Achari Ravioli along with a different chutney. He had to use dried mangoes. Chef Sanjeev kapoor likes his dish as the hero of the dish stands out when u taste the dish.

Pratibha makes Aam Ki Shaan with Ripe Alphonso mangoes. Chef Vikas points out that her presentation of the dish is not upto the mark. However, he likes her ice cream. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor likes that she uses rice flour in mago ice cream as well as her kobbler (mango crumble dish).

Judges now give their verdict after tasting and feel that the decision making is very tough as all the dishes were good.

The first dish that was best in today’s challenge was Ashish’s dish. Ashish and every one gets stunned to hear this news.

Ashish and Karishma win the Ticket to Finale while Pratibha gets eliminated in Today’s last challenge of Semi finale in Masterchef India 4.

Bhakti, Neha, Vijay, Nikita, Ashish and Pratibha are the Top Six Finalist of Star Plus Masterchef India 4.

Next week, will be Grand Finale week of Masterchef India 4 where with every challenge one contestant will get eliminated to find its winner.

Who do you think will win this season of Masterchef India? Put your votes/views in the comments section below.




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