Amul Masterchef India 4: Global Village Dubai Challenge, 25 March 2015

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Masterchef India 4 24.03.2015 episode starts with contestants enjoying the sight seeing at Dubai’s famous Global Village where they got to see glimpse of every country’s specialty.

Later, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Chef Ranveer Brar and Chef Vikas Khanna infrom contestants about the upcoming challenge where they have to cook two snack items for the guests who visit Global Village.

They get two hours of preparation time and two hours of service. They have to ensure that one of the snack dishes should have India Gate Basmati Rice as the hero of the dish.

The contestants will work in pair and the winning team will be decided on the basis of no. of items sold and revenue generated.

Nikita-Vijay (Blue team), Bhakti-Pratibha (Green Team) and Neha-Ashish (Red Team) are paired for the Global Village Dubai Challenge.

Chef Vikas Khanna and Chef Sanjeev Kapoor inform Bhakti that hey are making the same dish as Neha’s team and both might end up eating each others revenue and this could be tricky. Bhakti realizes that Neha is making Mexcican Fruit Chat and she makes some changes in her Fruit Chat which will be made of Rajma.

Nikita & Vijay are thinking of making tahina sauce and Judges point them to be careful as in the last episode itself Vijay had goofed up with his tahina sauce made with camel milk.

They also point out to them to increase the quantity of their snack item as they started preparing for 100 customers only.

Later, Nikita realizes that she added salt instead of sugar in her Rice pudding.

Which Team wins the Global Village Dubai Challenge? Keep reading this space for latest news from Masterchef India 4 – Dubai Challenge






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