Amul Masterchef India 4: Nikita & Vijay Blue team wins Global Village Challenge Dubai, 26 march 2015

Amul Masterchef India Kitchen Ke Superstars, season 4, Written Episode (Update), 26 March 2015, Latest news, Dubai Challenge, Global Village, Gossips

Today’s (26.03.2015) Masterchef India 4 episode starts with recap of Yesterday’s ‘Global Village challenge” in Dubai between Red, Blue and Green Teams.

Pratibha and Bhakti (Green Team) seem to have disconnect between them due to the pressure of the challenge and since they had to change their dish and were running behind.

Nikita (Blue team) restarts making her rice Kheer as she had initially put salt in her kheer.

Ashish (Red team) was struggling making his Italian rice balls as he had put less water and later takes Neha’s advice.

Green team members Pratibha and Bhakti again have a disconnect with naming their patty dish while writing on the black board of their food stall.

last 20 mins, all three teams gear up with their preparation. Ashish tells Neha to taste their cheesy rice popcorns but she refuses as she is busy with her fruit chat.

Judges start tasting with Blue team’s (Nikiat & Vijay) Rice fruit pudding and they very much like the sweet dish. However their Cheese sambosa (samosa) had no filling and judges suggest them to use something else with cheese filling.

later, Judges taste Red team (Neha and Ashish) Mexican fruit chat and point out the the balance is completly off. Also, the filling of their rice calls has to much black pepper & garlic and less salt. Chef Ranveer Brar tells them to use lemon rinds to balance flavours.

Pratibha and Bhakti (Green Teams) patty’s are not ready for Judges to taste. Chef Ranveer suggest them to make small pattys and to speed up as there were lots of people around to taste food at their stalls.

After two hours of prepaartion time, the three teams start serving at their food stalls and begin selling rigorously.

Nikita is overwhelmed to see 50 people at once on her food stall.

Ashish keeps his customers engaged and interacts with them. he is surprised when people recognize him.

Nikita faces  challenge with serving so many customers. Neha was worried as Ashish was working slow and people could not taste their second dish.

Pratibha and Bhakti still were lagging behind with serving their patty’s. Customers complain about waiting for long and they being dis organized.

Nikita and Vijay seem to be organized with their rice pudding & Cheesy dish.

All teams start screaming to the people to vote for them.

After service of two hours, Judges show three jars with voting. Pratibha & Bhakti (Green team) gets 230 votes, Ashish and Neha (Red team) gets 167 votes and Vijay & Nikita (Blue team) gets 241 votes.

Vijay & Nikita – Blue team wins the Global Village Challenge in Dubai.

Judges also declare that top two teams are safe. Pratibha and Bhakti – Green team is safe along with Nikita & Vijay (Red team).

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor again declares that the next challenge will be between the two safe teams and all four contestants Pratibha, Bhakti, Nikita & Vijay are worried.

Ashish and Neha too are worried what happens with them.






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