Amul Masterchef India 4: Ticket To Finale, Semi-Finals Last Challenge 03 April 2015

Amul Masterchef India – Kitchen Ke Superstars, Season 4, Written Episode (Update), Latest, News, Ticket To Finale, Semi-Final, Mango Challenge

Today’s (03.04.2015) Star Plus’ Masterchef India 4 episode starts with contestants Karishma, Ashish and Pratibha gear up for the last challenge of the semi-finals and win the Ticket To Finale.

Judges inform them that only two contestants will get Ticket To Finale and one contestant will get eliminated ad leave Masterchef India 4 Kitchen.

Karishma and Pratibha get cautious as Ashish has kept himself safe from elimination round.

Chef Ranveer Brar introduces to them today’s challenge while dragging a trolley filled with Alphonso mangoes. Karishma, Ashish and Pratibha cheer up.

However, later Chef Vikas Khanna gets another trolley full of raw mangoes followed by Sanjeev Kapoor getting a trolley full of Dried mangoes.

They will get one of these types of mangoes. Judges inform them that they have to first go through a small taste test before their big challenge for today.

Vikas brings a jar of Aam Achar which is made of 23 ingredients. They have to guess the ingredient and one who makes first mistake will loose the chance to select from among the Alphonso Mango, Raw mango & Dried Mango.

Ashish is the first one to make mistake by guessing wrong ingredient and loses his opportunity to first choose ingredient for upcoming challenge. Later, Pratibha also looses to Karishma.

Karishma is the first one to choose from Alphonso Mango, Raw Mango & Dried Mango and she chooses raw Mango.

Pratibha chooses Alphonso mango while Ashish is left with Dried Mangoes.

Contestants starts cooking with 60 minutes of cooking time.

Ashish decides to make Momos from dried mangoes stuffing.

Pratibha decides to make ice cream from ripe mangoes along with a roller & cobbler.

Karishma decides to make Tikkis from raw mangoes and coconuts along with chutney.

Karishma overboils her raw mangoes for her sauce. Chef Ranveer informs her to use sugar and saunf while cooking her raw mango

With 30 mins of cooking time left, Chefs inform Pratibha how will she freeze her ice-cream.

Tomorrows episode will show who among Karishma, Pratibha and Ashish wins ticket to finale in the last challenge of Masterchef India 4 semi finals. Nikita, Neha, Bhakti and Vijay are the top four finalists for Masterchef India 4







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