Amul Masterchef India 4: Vijay gets eliminated in First Challenge, Finale Week 07 April 2015

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Today’s (07.04.2015) Star Plus Masterchef India 4 episode starts with continuation of  yesterday’s episode which is the First Challenge of the Finale week, where contestants have to make a dish that best represents their life/story using the techniques they have learned in Masterchef India 4.

One contestant will get eliminated in today’s challenge while best dish will win “Personalised Masterchef India Coat”.

Bhakti by mistake drops all of her Pulav from the Kitchen Counter, Chef Ranveer Brar tells her not to worry and just focus to quickly remake her dish.

Vijay‘s Biryani stuffed in Baingan doesn’t cook over manual oven and he check with other contestants if their ovens are vacant.

Karishma‘s Idiappam Aatta fell from kitchen counter and she picks it up. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor checks with her if she will use the same aatta. She lies and gets caught by him. She has to again remake her dough.

With last five minutes left, everyone start plating.

Nikita first presents her Khaja Nepolean with mango paper and hazelnut cream which she dedicates to her mother and grand mother who make Khajas. Chef Vikas loves the dish it is very crunchy and sweet as well as represents Gujrat and Abu Dhabi.

Neha presents her differently made Mishiti Doi and Chuski (Ice Gola). Chef Sanjeev Kapoor tells her that she has taken a lot of risk with the flavours and its has paid off really well in Finale Week Challenge. She has dedicated her dish to her father and gets “Lo Karlo Baat” from Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Bhakti presents her Ek Duje Ke Liye which she dedicates to her marriage and her husband for whom she tries to make healthy food. Chef Ranveer Brar likes her dish with healthy elements.

Karishma presents her Khana Pooja Pyaar as these three words mean a lot to her and dedicates her dish to her mom. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor praised her for the techniques used by her with dry ice, iddiappam and the waffles.

Ashish presents Kuuch Lamhe Zindgai Ke which represents his life’s journey that has been kind of tough for him. Chef Vikas likes his Muli Ribbon stuffed with delicious cream and flavour of his rice.

Vijay presents his Baingan Biryani Mussalam. Chef Ranveer informs him that his presentation is not impressive enough, however his rice is cooked well and the gravy is very good to taste.

Towards the end, Judges start announcing the results of today’s challenge.

Neha is the winner of the First Challenge of the Finale Week of Masterchef India 4. She is the first one to receive Personalized Masterchef India coat with her name.

Vijay gets eliminated in the First Challenge, Finale Week Of Masterchef India 4.

Neha, Bhakti, Karishma, Nikita and will batlle it out in the upcoming challenges of the Finale week to be the top three Finalists of the Grand Finale.

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