Barrister Babu latest news: Anirudh gets married to Bondita to save her from being Sati

Barrister Babu update: Bondita forced to marry a old man, Anirudh protests

Colors TV has launched a new show Barrister Babu which is based on child marriage. The show tells story of a little girl Bondita (essayed by Aurra Bhatnagar Badoni) who questions the norms of the society that is biased towards woman. Bondita gets married to Anirudh (essayed Pravisht Mishra) under unusual circumstances.

Barrister Babu Story So far:

Bondita’s mother is a widow who is living a life with many restrictions and deprived of basic needs. Bondita and her mother are dependent on Bondita’s Mama and Mami. Bondita’s Mami wants to get Bondita married. Bondita’s mother does not want to get her little girl married at such a small age, but Bondita’s Mami forces her to get Bondita married. Bonidta too does not ant to get away from her mother whom she loves a lot.

Bondita’s Mama convinces Bondita that she would get to enjoy many things after marriage and she can stay with her mother too. Bondita’s mother gets a big shock when Bondita is forced to marry with a very old man. She opposes the marriage but she is held by the villagers. She screams to stop the marriage but gets helpless.

Anirudh, who is just become a Barrister after studying in London, come back to the village and witnesses the marriage. He gets against the child marriage and says that he cannot let the little girl married to a man who is even older than her grand father. The marriage happen forcibly and Bondita’s husband dies immediately after the marriage.

After this, the villagers force Bondita for Sati ritual where she has to die by burning in the same fire as her deceased husband during his final rites. Anirudh gets against the villagers and helps Bondita and her mother escape. Things get worse and Anirudh is left with no option. He fill sindoor in Bondita’s hairline and gets married to her.

Anirudh will be helping Bondita to become a Barrister as they together fight against the wrong practices of the society.

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