Behad Written Update 17 October 2016, Beyhad Written Episode

Sony TV serial Beyhad Written Update 17.10.2016

The episode starts with Maya is busy in presentation with her staff. Arjun enters. She restarts presentation and shows her designs. Arjun starts finding faults. Maya gets irked and asks assistant to give Arjun a team and asks Arjun to make his presentation in 2 hours. He says 2 hours are very less. Maya says if he is not busy on his mobile, he can make presentation within 2 hours.

At Arjun’s home, Ayan asks mom if Arjun did not call yet. Mom asks why will he call her, the asks if he called him. He says no. Saanjh calls him and he tells mom that her bahu has called. Mom gets angry. Ayan says he means one with whom she fights like bahu.

Arjun’s colleagues ignore him. He asks why they are ignoring him. Peon says they are all worried about their jobs. Arjun asks what about him.
Peon says he keeps hanuman chalisa taweez and is well protected. Maya’s secretary gives pencils to each employee. Employees plead that they have a family and cannot take risk. One of them gets a call that his wife is il and rushes home.

Arjun gets busy in discussing his ideas with his colleagues. Saanjh waits for Arjun’s call at her office. She reaches outside Arjun’s office and messages him that she is down. He lies colleagues that he is going to rest room and rushes down. He tells Saanjh that he is taking life’s longest rest room break. They chat and enjoy ice cream, sampling many and murmuring how they are fooling icecream vendor. Maya asks her assistant to call everyone for presentation in 5 minutes. Saanjh and Arjun’s enjoyment continues. Ice cream vendor says if they are from Maya’s company, they should leave right now as even walls have ears. Arjun gives 50 rs. Vendor says he heard about their ice cream sampling comment, so he needs 50 rs more. Arjun gives him 100 rs and scolds to eat 50 rs icecream himself.

Arjun returns back to presentation room and in his jovial style gives a presentation and says his presentaiton theme will be called garam masala. Maya says she needs presentation by 9 a.m. tomorrow and leaves. Arjun asks colleages why she is always on the edge.

Maya reaches home and hears voice from mom’s room. She opens door and sees mom talking to her husband’s pic and sipping alcohol. Maya gives her medicine and silently takes photo from under pillow. She then goes to kitchen and with tomatoes grinds photo and smirks. She then goes to her room and watches office’s live CCTV footage on her tab. She sees Arjun and 2 of his colleagues enjoying beer and partying and fumes.


Saanjh’s boss tells her that they are going to meet Maya. Saanjh worriedly calls Arjun and asks if Maya is khadoos who says a lot. Arjun goes to Maya’s cabin and she gives him termination letter.

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