Bepanah 05 September 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Colors serial Bepanah 05th September 2018 Written Episode, Bepannaah Written Update

Today’s (05.09.2018) Bepanah (Bepannaah) episode starts with Aditya comes home. He thinks of what happened lately between him, Zoya and Arshad. Zoya’s words echo in his head. Why do I always hurt the one I love? 

Arshad is packing his bags. He looks at Zoya’s photo and the time spent with her. Goodye Zoya! Maybe our journey was to end here only. Servant informs him that someone has come to meet him. It turns out to be Zoya. He is taken aback to see her and invites her inside. Zoya apologizes to him. I was so rude to you. I lost my control in anger. She folds her hands before him. He declines. It is in fact good that you are so loyal towards your friends and family. You were just defending your best friend. I have started to respect you a lot after this incident. Zoya says I have taken all the wrong decisions in my life but I think the rest of the life

will go smoothly if I will listen to my elders. I have lost the right to ask this yet I will ask you. Would you still like to marry me? She sits down sadly. I apologize for my rudeness. You are a really nice guy. Ammi and Abbu like you very much. Arshad reasons that that isn’t the only reason to marry. Take your time. You are upset with Aditya right now which is why you have decided this. yOu might change your mind when you calm down. She cries. I cannot understand anything. He gives her water. Relax first. She gulps it in one go. You are mistaken. I am not upset with Aditya but myself. What happened last year taught me a lesson. I shouldn’t trust anyone without thinking. I repeated my mistake. I trusted the wrong person. He reasons that she isn’t at fault here. Anyone else would have done the same. You only trusted your best friend. She insists she is at fault. Yash had an affair. Arshad says with Aditya’s wife. She says you know but you cannot understand. Only Aditya could understand it as he too was going through the same pain. We fought a lot in the beginning because of that incident but that brought us closer later. We became friends. I made a friend for the first time in life but I proved out to be wrong again! Aditya turned out to be something else altogether.  

Aditya says Zoya thinks I also cheated you. He does not trust me. Arjun says things have gone astray. Aditya says I don’t know what to do. Zoya is stuck on that phone call. I don’t know why I even did that! Her heart broke because of me. I don’t know how to make up for it. Arjun tells him to give Zoya some time. She will understand when she calms down. Aditya asks him if he found out who the real culprit was. Arjun denies. It cannot be anyone. We cannot point a finger on anyone. Aditya tells Arjun he is afraid that it is almost like heartbreak for Zoya. People take wrong decisions in such times. I don’t want her to make any wrong decision right now.

Arshad requests Zoya to stop crying. I cannot see you like this. Zoya shares she is tired. I cannot handle myself anymore. Arshad says I don’t know if I am dreaming that you are here or if it’s real. Our meetings are typical story like. Real stories are different. I would try my best to give you that kind of love story. She looks at him.

Noor asks her Appi if she is still awake. I know it! It was just a prank call. We too used to make some in the childhood. Why are you so upset with Aditya’s prank call? Zoya asks her why she isn’t reacting. Arshad could have lost his life! She suddenly realises that Noor knew the truth already. You too lied to me! Noor nods. I was only helping Aditya. He wanted to confess his love. he loves you immensely. Please try to understand. Zoya says I only see his cheating when I try to do so. Life has taught me that trust is the most important thing in any relation. First Yash broke it and then Aditya. You too love someone. Always remember that love, friendship, marriage is empty without trust! Noor tells her not to marry Arshad to avenge with Aditya. You will only stay happy with Aditya. You say he understands you more than anyone else. Zoya advises her to sleep. I request you not to tell Arjun or Aditya about my engagement. Noor asks her what she is saying. Zoya bids her goodnight. Noor is perplexed.

Wasim congratulates Arshad’s father on phone. They both discuss about the alliance excitedly. Wasim tells Roshana he cannot tell how happy he is. Zoya comes there. Wasim says you don’t know how happy you have made me today. Zoya says you used to ask me in childhood if I am Ammi’s daughter or Abbu’s. I proved it today that I am your daughter. Wasim nods. I will do it with pomp and show. People will talk about it! Zoya agrees. Everything will happen as per your wish. Wasim gifts her a necklace and lot many things that he has been collecting for her since she was born. I used to buy all this for you whenever I was travelling. I lost hope once thinking I will never be able to give them to you. Fate has supported me though. You will be getting all these things because of Arshad. It is up to you if you wear them or not as they are old fashioned. I wont force you. She calls it his blessings. I wont do anything wrong when I will wear them. You will always be with me that ways. He blesses her and excuses himself.

 Roshana says I am your Ammi. I know the difference between your real and fake smile. Zoya looks at the necklace. You knew about it? Roshana says I knew your father was gathering things for you and Noor since years. I dint know where it was though. Zoya calls it beautiful. Roshana agrees. Your smile is very fake though. It cannot hide the storm going inside you especially not from your mother. I have kept you in my womb for 9 months. I know you more than your Abbu and I know you aren’t happy. Zoya denies but Roshana knows she is in a dilemma. You want to do something else and are doing something else altogether. Zoya replies that she has always been hurt whenever she has listened to her heart. This time I have decided to follow my mind instead. Roshana calls it her misunderstanding that she will be happy this way. Zoya requests her not to make her weak. I need your support. Roshana hugs her. I am always with you and support your every decision. I only want you to be happy. Don’t rush into marriage. Please close your eyes once and think who the most important person in your life is. I am sure Allah will show you the right way. She blesses her and goes. Zoya closes her eyes. Wasim, Noor and then Aditya pops up in her head. She opens her eyes.

Precap: Aditya says does it not matter to you when I talk about going away from you. She denies. He asks her why she fights with her Abbu and others when someone blames him for something. Does it still not matter? Zoya declines again. Arshad hits him. You fail to understand that she is saying no! Aditya says it matters to her. Arshad punches him again. Zoya shouts Aditya’s name. Aditya smiles. It does matter! 


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