Bepanah 30 October 2018 Written Update Bepannaah Written Episode

Colors Bepanah 30th October 2018 Written Episode, Bepannaah Written Update

Today’s (30.10.2018) Bepanah (Bepannaah) episode starts with Anjana confesses being responsible for Yash and Pooja’s death, Adtiya , Arjun and Mr. Hooda are shocked, Anjana says it was an accident and she didn’t do anything intentionally. She pleads Aditya that she didn’t want to tells him as she only wanted his happiness. She cries that i have destroyed everything, i was scared of this truth coming out and now you know. She says i didn’t want to kill them, it was an accident, i just wanted to make pooja understand and bring her back, he says i don’t know how that night with my car that accident happened, it was so dark, She reminds him how their father had left them and how he had told her that he would have fought with his dad to bring him back, she says i didn’t fight back then, but now i fought for my son, i know i have made a huge mistake, but i am gulity of my motherhood, if i have fought for my son and m gulity, then i agree, but i do not want to go to jail, else our family name will be ruined, she says i would rather die, she pours kerosene on her, Aditya stops her and says, you will not do anything and you will not go anywhere from this house, you have always protected me, and taken care of me. He says now its my turn to take care of you, no one will know of this truth, i will protect you, Zoya hears this and is tears.

Mr. Hooda says Zoya, Aditya and Anjana look at her. Rajveer is looking ar Raavan effigy burning, his grandmother says today we have put the first nail in the coffin of our enemies. She says now you have to destroy Aditya Hooda. Rajvir is silent, she asks what happened, he says i am worried abour Zoya, as she is with Hooda, she says she will never change, remember how she did everything to prove her amnd Aditya’s relations was right, it is her strength and her weakness and we have to use it to our benefit, Rajvir says i want to destroy Hooda at any cost. His grand mum says now no one will save Hooda, and all of this Zoya will only do, she will do what we want. It is all well planned and my eyes are on Zoya, if she betrays her then first we will get her out of our game. Door bell rings.

Mr Hooda walks towards Zoya and says i know what is going in your mind, but please try to understand what Anjana di and why she did. Arjun says mom didn’t do anything intentionally, it was an accident, Zoya says it is true it was an accident, but two people were dead and Aditya was blamed for it, all our lives were in trouble, and now you all are trying to hide it. Aditya says its not wnat you think, she what you want me to think that it ws accident only, she says did you give me a chance to explain, Aditya says my mum did wanted to protect me and she did what she could, yash and pooja betrayed, she says they betrayed us without any fear, but you hid this truth from me, you had promised me we will not keep any secrets in our relation, Aditya says you also could not keep your promise, he says lets sit and talk, she¬† blames him that he didn’t listen to her earlier and now he expects him to be quiet and listen to him. Anjana says Zoya i am sorry and i know i have done a big mistake, she says it was an accident, Zoya says what you did why you did, i will not make any decision about it, Aditya will make a decision. She talks about trust and how she could trust him in the relation, she says now you do what you think is right and i will do what i have to do. She leaves. Mr Hood is tensed what is Zoya goes to cop, they will be in big trouble.


Aditya and Anjana are leaving, Zoya gets the cops and says this is what i had expected, Aditya says you know it was an accident, she says let court decide it, Cops says we have to arrest  Anjana.

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