Bepanah upcoming story: Aditya and Zoya big clash after marriage

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Here’s what will happen in the coming episodes of Bepanah (Bepannaah).

It would be seen that Anjana plays a dirty move and makes Aditya and Zoya test their belief and love on the first wedding night. Anjana spoils their romance by informing Zoya that Aditya has killed Yash.

Zoya is in a dilemma and wants to find the truth. She decides tof ind out what happened with Yash and Pooja that day. She takes a step away from Aditya. This upsets Aditya.

Anjana gets happy knowing that her plan has worked and Aditya and Zoya’s relation is turning bitter. She wants to separate Zoya from her Adi at any cost. At the same time, Zoya doesn’t want any doubt to make her regret later. She decides to find Yash’s real murderer and till then she will be away from Aditya. Zoya wants to find the real culprit ruining their lives. Will Aditya help her find out the truth? Looks like Zoya will soon learn Anjana’s truth and her love would once again be put to test!!

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