Beyhadh 2 update: Maya tests Rudra and Rishi

Beyhadh 2 latest news: Rudra risks his life for Maya

In the ongoing track of Sony TV’s Beyhadh 2 (Behad 2) we have seen that Maya’s (Jennifer Winget) hatred for Mrityunjay is crossing all limits as she targets his sons Rudra (Shivin Narang) and Rishi.

It is see that as per Maya’s condition, Rudra reaches under construction site of a building. She challenges him and tells him that they will both run to the top of the building and see who will reach first. Rudra finds her crazy and fulfills the task anyway. He sees her using the lift and cheating. He manages to reach first. Soon, Maya falls in danger as the building lift loses stability. Rudra risks his life and saves her. Maya reveals to him that she had planned this and had already kept her safety measures. He tells her she is really mad.

Further, Rishi comes to meet Maya. She test him by triggering the false fire alarm and asks him to rush out of the house. She takes care of her mother and realizes that Rishi ran to save his won life while Rudra has more humanity in him as he risked his life to save her.

Rudra and Rishi’s life will get complicated more in Maya’s revenge plan. How will Mrityunjay save his sons? We will have to wait and watch!

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