Bhaghyalakshmi Spoiler: Anshuman brings Bhoomi home despite Bidaai drama

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&TV’s family drama Bhaghyalakshmi has managed to grab the attention of its viewers with its new age romance along with some family drama during the wedding sequence.

It is seen that Anshuman (Varun Sharma) and Bhoomi (Simran Pareenja) are very much in love with each other and their destiny too has unknowingly brought them together.

Bhoomi is happy to find out that she is getting married to Anshuman but Anshuman is not aware about the same.

Now the upcoming episode will see new drama on the show.

According to a source soon it will be seen that the wedding will take place but only Surbhi’s bidaai will take place.

Bhoomi’s Bidaai will be put on hold as her family members will find out about her pre-martial affair.

Later, Anshuman will go and bring Bhoomi to his house as he tells his family members that if Bhoomi does not come along with him into the house, then he too will have to leave the house.

Apparently, there’s another twist to the story. Though Anushman brings Bhoomi to his home he refuses to accept her as his wife as he is still angry with Bhoomi since she had rejected to marry him earlier.

Now, Bhoomi will have to win Anshuman and his family member’s love and heart. How will Bhoomi deal with tis situation?

Keep reading this space for more updates from Bhayalakshmi.

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