Bhagyalakshmi Latest Spoiler: Suman to create problems for Bhoomi

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show of the channel with its interesting storyline and star cast.

Anshuman (Varun Sharma) and Bhoomi’s (Simran Pareenja) young and fresh love story has become the favourite of the audiences.

It is seen that Anushuman and Bhoomi have just got married and Bhoomi is trying to make her husband happy.

But, her happiness will be short-lived as Suman (Aashita Dhawan) will create problems for Bhoomi and would be determined to separate the couple.

According to a source, Suman who is unhappy to see Anshuman and Bhoomi together, will be seen trying to break their relation.

Suman will be determined that because of Bhoomi her daughter Surbhi (Barkha Singh) is not getting the family’s attention and she will trick Bhoomi.

In the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Bhabhi Maa (Aruna Irani) informss Suman to tell everybody not to go out of the house as it is chandra grahan day.

But, Suman would, manipulate Bhoomi into going out of the house.

Surbhi would invite Bhoomi to Ujjain and tell Bhabhi Maa about the same.

Bhabi maa would get angry with Bhoomi about her leaving the house.

How will Bhoomi handle this situation? Will Suman succeed in her plans to separate Anshuman and Bhoomi.

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