Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 03 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 03.12.2016, Big Boss 10 Written Update 03rd December

The episode begins with host Salman Khan giving a funny summary of everything that happened in the house this week. Right from talking about Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gurjar and Mona Lisa’s weakening friendship to Bani J feeling lonely in the house, Bhai gives us a glimpse of everything that happened. Cut to the house, where the contestants are all dressed up for the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Salman tells Bani that she cannot be emotional in the house and that no one in the house is going to understand her. Salman makes fun of Om Swami’s nature of swapping teams randomly.

He tells Swami that his makeover is good and asks him to audition as an entertainer. Salman calls Gaurav Chopra gives them a scene to enact. Om Swami’s act cracks us up with his dialogues and antics in the act. Salman then calls Lopa and asks Swami to dance with her. Swami’s grooves make Lopa take a step back but Salman almost cries laughing. After the act, Salman talks to Swami about the incident when Manveer caught him stealing in the house. He asks the other contestants what was in the bag and Swami loses it when Lopa says that there were some girly stuff in the bag. Salman then asks the contestants to rate the wild card contestants. Jason gets a maximum of four stars from Gaurav for his positive attitude, Elena ends up getting just one star for her under-performance in the dome task.

Om Swami becomes the Khalnayak of the house this week, again. While most contestants vote for Om Swami, Lopa votes for Gaurav and confesses that she found his behaviour during the task very disappointing. Gaurav votes for Manveer and hell breaks loose in the house. Swami starts crying when asked about whom to vote and then starts yelling. Bani and Lopa get into an argument when Bani says that Lopa didn’t do a good job as a sanchalika. Lopa justifies by saying that she made sure that she made a fair decision.

Manu also supports Lopa and blames Bani for manipulating Gaurav to spoil things. Salman leaves the contestants for a while and they start fighting with each other. Basically, everybody against Bani. After Manu and Bani’s fight, Mona Lisa tells him that maybe she never took his name. Salman comes back and taunts Swami for congratulating Gaurav the minute Manveer fell. He also reminded Swami that when he was caught stealing in the house and broke down, Manveer was the one who came to pacify him.

Salman Khan gives the contestants a recap of how Rohan Mehra was, as a captain. Salman asks the other contestants about captaincy and what they would do as a captain. Salman Kha tells Gaurav that it is his responsibility to make sure that the house is clean all the time. Salman then announces that Diwang will be asking them some questions that the contestants have to answer. The first question is directed to Gaurav Chopra asking him for how long he is planning to maintain his celebrity image and about his friendship with Bani.

Salman elaborated that Gaurav is seen being defensive about his friendship with Bani. Gaurav says that he doesn’t understand why everyone is talking about their friendship. Bani says that she loves bickering with him and has high expectations from him.

Salman then welcomes Priya Saini (Manu’s fiance), Vikrant Singh Rajpoot (Mona Lisa’s boyfriend) and Sunita (Manveer’s bhabhi). Vikrant says that it’s good that Mona Lisa finally stood up for herself because of Priyanka Jagga. Priya says that she is quite disappointed with Priyanka for creating a rift between Manu and Manveer.


Sadly, Vikrant and Priya blame Mona Lisa for getting close to Manu and accept Manu the way he is. Vikrant tells Priya that he can vouch for Manu that he loves Priya a lot. The three get into an argument about Manu, Manveer and Mona Lisa. Vikrant says that nobody can say anything to Mona Lisa now that she is in her form. He says that she is one of the most dangerous contestants in the house now who will not hear anything about herself now. Manveer’s bhabhi reveals that she thinks Mona Lisa uses Manu to put her thoughts on the table. 

After they leave, Salman tells the contestants that Bani J is safe from nominations. 

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