Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 15 December 2016, BB10 Written Update

Colors Big Boss 10 Written Episode 15.12.2016, Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 15th December WU

The episode starts with Contestants wake up to the song Bunty Aur Babli in the house. Om Swami cries in front of camera, that he is not able to breathe properly- “oxygen kam ho raha hai”, in his own words. He later tells Lopamudra that he doesn’t want to be a sanyasi the his next birth, and wants a daughter like Priyanka Jagga and Lopamudra Raut. Om Swami begins to cry again later in the morning, all for footage, as Manveer comes and consoles him. Then Nitibha Kaul and Manu Punjabi also come to console him, and make him eat and drink. Guys! Om has hidden fruits inside the jail. It’s hard to believe that  contestants are still backing Om.

Bani J is talking to Rohan Mehra about how Gaurav Chopra’s actions have never mirrored his words. Meanwhile Rahul Dev tries to make Gaurav understand that he is wrong.

At 1:15 PM Om Swami secretly goes to the jail’s bathroom, and eats the fruits he had earlier hidden.

Contestants again lose the luxury budget task as Om Swami, and Rahul Dev did not abide by the rule and did not tie themselves together.


Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar dress up as Om Swami to cheer him up and make him eat. Unknown to them he has already eaten.

Gaurav Chopra finds a creative way to apologise to Bani J. He sticks an apology note on his back for Bani, and roams around the house like that. Bani J thinks that this is just for the camera.

Manveer and Manu have a fun time with Bani J. Bani and Manu, both, apologise to each other. Do we see a new friendship budding?

The new captaincy task is announced. The nominations are Bani J, Lopamudra Raut and Manveer Gurjar. All three have to hold on to a captaincy ring, and whoever lets go of it last, wins.

Manveer makes Bani and Lopamudra jump in the pool with him while holding the ring. Priyanka Jagga being the sanchalak, also jumps in the pool to keep an eye on them.

The three of them hold on to the ring til hours. Lopamudra twists herself in such an angle that it’s tough for Bani and Manveer to hold on. Bani tells Lopa that it will hurt all three. Lopa doesn’t listen. Bani eventually cracks under pressure and lets go of the ring.

Contestants make fun of Bani J and call her out on her hypocrisy. They say that it’s okay if Bani swears, but if someone says something to her, it’s not okay.

Manu Punjabi cries remembering his mother. Rahul Dev consoles him.

Bani J and Gaurav Chopra take a walk together.

Manveer and Lopamudra continue fighting for captaincy. Nitibha and Mona wonder how they are holding up.

Finally after a few hours, Manveer intentionally gives up and makes Lopamudra Raut win.


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