Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 17 October 2016, Big Boss 10 Written Episode, BB10 WU

Colors Bigg Boss Written Episode 17.10.2016, BB10 Written Update 

The episode starts with contestants previous night (16 October) om Priyanka Jagga shows Yoga poses to Om Swami late in the night.

Next morning contestants wake up to the song saare niyam chodo.

Priyanka Jagga gets upset with VJ Bani and accuses her of igonring her while she was talking to her. She tells her that i have asked you a simple question like what is your gae and you just left without saying anything. Priyanka argues with her. Later Bani says sorry to Priyanka and says that she should have replied to her question. Bani too says sorry to react like this and they sort it out.

Navin Prakash reads out the rules of Malik and Sevak Task where all the celebrity contestants would be the sevak and do all the tasks in the house. 

‘Hukkum ki Ghanti’ is the special right given to commoners, where they can ring a bell and call the celebrities for their service. Celebrities can only eat boiled food and they can only use the toilet after the commoners have used it. Also, commoners can make new rules according to their wish.

veryone receives food from the store room, sent by the Bigg Boss. Manveer tells everyone the advantages of winning from celebrities in the task. Swami ji tells everyone that he is ‘Baal Brahmachari’ and he can’t stay out of the house for longer time span. Nobody understands what Swami ji is saying.

Lokesh rings the bell and calls Lopa. She says that Lopa needs to clean the pool. Bani and Lopa decide to clean the pool and make food, respectively. Manveer tells Lokesh that she shouldn’t get manipulated by celebrities. Commoners eat food made by celebrities. Priyanka complains to Rohan that he has not made good food to which Rohan replies that he doesn’t have a provision to taste while cooking. Hence, he couldn’t make the right food. Navin and Swami ji talk, where Swami ji tells everyone that he started speaking from the very first day of his birth. Everyone laughs at this. Manoj and Manveer are seen discussing about Swami ji and celebrities.

Gaurav confirms and tells everyone that there is no such rule that celebrities can’t eat with commoners. Celebrities start eating their food on banana leaf and they wash it so that they can reuse it.

Priyanka decides that all the commoners will bathe in the swimming pool first and then they will take a shower. Priyanka asks Gaurav that if he has done any famous work which she can watch on YouTube. Bigg Boss announces the first nominations of this season. Commoners can nominate celebs and celebs can nominate commoners only. Akanksha is called in the confession room, she nominates Rahul and Mona Lisa. Manoj nominates Bani as he can see competition in her and the second name he take is of, Gaurav. Priyanka nominates Bani and Gaurav in lieu of asking questions about their age. Navin nominates Rahul and Gaurav. Swami ji nominates Bani, giving the reason that she is too loud and she fights a lot. The second nomination by Swami ji is of Gaurav Chopra. Lokesh nominates Lopa and Mona Lisa. Manveer also nominates Lopa tagging her unreal and fake. Mona Lisa and Gaurav, finally get nominated by Bigg Boss on the basis of all the nominations made by commoners.

Now, all the celebrities are given the opportunity to nominate two commoners by taking a collective decision. Gaurav announces the name of Manu and Priyanka as two nominated candidates. Everyone discusses about the house budget, where Swami ji says that food shouldn’t get wasted. Bani tells everyone to be mindful about the hygiene of toilets. Manu tells Navin that the girls of their group are idiot and girls of celeb group are intelligent and smart.

more to be updated soon

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