Bigg Boss 10 Written Update 18 October 2016, BB10 Written Episode WU

Colors Bigg Boss 10 Written Episode 18.10.2016

The episode starts with .previous late night with the celebrities complaining that Manoj Punjabi is not letting them sleep.

Karan Mehra gets vociferous about it and says they can nap only after the common men have slept. Manoj defends himself saying he was asleep and it was Swamiji who woke him up.

Next day morning, the contestants wake up to Gupt Gupt track. Swamiji is amused by the women dancing. He compliments Monalisa and Navin says perhaps Omji would not be a sanyasi if you were born a little earlier. Cooking is a cause of worry and Manoj Punjabi tells Karan Mehra that the celebs’ cooking is Vaahiyat. Karan says we will try to improve but says such a term should not be used. VJ Bani tells Manoj to be a tad courteous and he says you guys are making an issue out of a small statement. He says Karan’s real persona is so different from Naman.

VJ Bani also requests Priyanka Jagga to be a little graceful. She says I am being polite. She talks to Manoj, Navin Prakash and Manveer Gujjar in the garden. Navin points out that unlike Indiawale, celebs are more united. Manoj says they did not offer us aloo parathas saying potatoes were out of stock but are now consuming boiled potatoes. He says as celebrities this is their funda in life. Manoj mimics Karan and Rohan saying look how they do tasks. Everything is for the cameras. He says that Swamiji is also getting extra footage due to his behaviour. Rohan Mehra tells Manveer to press the bell with clarity or else celebs will be hauled up by Bigg Boss.

Priyanka lectures Gaurav that she does not need to say please every time. This is a game and we will not expect you to say please. She says I asked Monalisa for a drink four times but no one listened to me. Priyanka bursts into tears. Gaurav observes this and tells VJ Bani that Priyanka wants to send her to jail. She says she is fine with it. He says the woman is here to create a scene. Lopamudra tells Priyanka that she needs some help in life. Enraged, Priyanka says that Lopa said she needed mental treatment. She says I do not care for Lopa’s opinions. The latter says the same thing.  

Lokesh Kumari tells Bigg Boss that Swamiji needs batteries at the earliest as his mike is not working. He tells her to tell Bigg Boss that he needs two red and white brushes. He says the makeup man knows where it is.

Upset with Priyanka, the celebs discuss Priyanka and her background. They say her surname is Muise and that her husband is an Englishman. Lopa says her kids have English names. They make fun of her surname, Muise. Gaurav Chopra says on dustbins it is also written use.

Salman Khan comes on the TV screens and says there is a game where the celebs have to match dark secrets with relevant contestants. If the celebs win this luxury budget task, they will become the masters of the house. Swamiji tells Lopa that Navin is harassing him. He says you know my secrets but you do not reveal them in public. He says I am requesting you to remain silent. Lopa says you threatened me inside. She says I respect you. He tells Manveer that Salman told Lopa a lot about Swamiji but he does not want her to reveal them.

Lopamudra says that Swamiji threatened me. She says it is not fair that he would behave in this manner. She says his manner of talking is unacceptable. At the activity room, the celebs are given a clue about a certain contestant. Priyanka asks Rahul Dev if he drinks or smokes. He says he is fitness conscious. Celebs are trying to find out who is the contestant. Gaurav asks Akansha if arranged marriage works. She says not always. She says my in-laws and parents were best of friends and my wedding was arranged after my break up. He gives her a manicure. Gaurav asks Akansha if her eyelashes are really that long. She says they are fake with mascara. He says she has pretty eyes.

Akansha Sharma reveals that she and her husband were incompatible. She says I could not talk with my husband as I talk to you. Gaurav guesses in the evening that it is Akansha and she says it is a right guess. Swamiji blames Akansha for letting the secret out. She says Gaurav was aware from before. Akansha objects to him calling her ghulam. She says he has no right to talk to her like that. She gets upset almost using the F word.

Swamiji tells Gaurav that Akansha’s intentions are not clear. He says her character is doubtful and she is not doing a proper thing by exposing her past before him. He asks Gaurav to be careful and if he has feelings for Akansha. He tells him to chill and relax as it is a TV show.

Lopa overhears Swamiji talking about betrayal and gets upset thinking he is talking about her. They fight once again and he talks about his organisation. Bigg Boss calls him and warns him that certain kind of conversation is objectionable inside the house.

Manveer is also upset with Swamiji that he shouted at them after Akansha’s revelation. The latter says people lose senses in anger. He says I have apologised. Lopamudra steps in and says you need to apologise to all women of the country. She tells him to hold his ears. Lopa says you are saying this just for footage and you’ll forget all this once you get out.

Navin tells Swamiji to help them in fighting Rahul Dev and Gaurav Chopra who are old in age. He says you should not fight with women. Swamiji quotes Bhishma from Mahabharata. Then, Navin reminds him that they are not Arjuna but common men.

Precap: Indiawale and celebs have a massive fight. Gaurav tells people that Swamiji need to mind his language inside the house

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