Bigg Boss 11 07 October 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 07th October 2017 Written Update, BB11 07 October 2017 Written Update

Today’s (07.10.2017) Bigg Boss 11 episode starts with Housemates wake up to music. Salman Khan is also in the Bigg Boss House in secret house. He is sipping a cup of tea and tells that it has been a very eventful first week in Bigg Boss House. Ate the same time, contestants are getting ready for the weekend ka vaar.

There’s a preview of what drama and fights happened during the first week including Shilpa and Vikas’s ongoing fights, Zubair Khan using foul language with abuses, Arshi Khan and Hina Khan’s fights, Arshi calling Hina patli Dolly Bindra and Zubair ki biwi and more.

Salman Khan tells viewers he will not let them down after all that happened in the house in the first week. He enters Bigg Boss house through Me TV and tells contestants that they are doing well and gaining a lot of fame outside. He shows a video to the contestants that their Bang Bang rap has become popular outside. Salman tells Akash, Arshi, Shilpa to re-do their Bang Bang bit. They do its with all enthusiasm. Salman tells that he has come here to do the same, he asks contestants to analyse their week.

Salman starts with Zubair Khan and shows him video clip of Zubair Khan using abusive and foul language in the last week. He tells the contestants that weak people in the house are being suppressed. He also shows how contestants have been dominating Jyoti, including Zubair, Sapna, Arshi, Hina and Benafsha . Also how Akash was being supressed. Salman calls it double standards of the house.

Salman is very upset on Zubair Khan. He calls him nalla don and asks Zubair to shut up. Salman tells Akash to not feel scared of anyone. Salman asks Hiten to give one name for bull seat. Most contestants took Arshi’s name. Salman Khan seconds Shilpa when she says Hiten is playing smart and suggests Hiten to be more vocal about taking stands.

Salman questioned Hina Khan for not raising a voice against Zubair’s attitude. Hina said she has warned Zubair and asked him not to pass lewd comments but made it clear that she won’t take a stand when it comes to Arshi, who humiliated her previously.

Salman Khan was very, very serious and he won’t spare anyone who created nuisance in the first week of Bigg Boss 11. This was Salman’s hint when he opened the first episode of Weekend Ka Vaaron Saturday. He greeted the contestants and without wasting much time, he asked them to take name of a participant who they think deserves to sit on a bull, as punishment. (Yes, the katghara, which was there in the previous season, has been replaced by the bull). While most of them took Arshi Khan’s name, Shilpa Shinde nominated Hiten Tejwani. She said that since Hiten is the only ‘sensible person’ in the house, he should take stand and prevent fights. Salman supported Shilpa’s decision and told Hiten that he’s not coming out well on the show and expects him to take stand on the issues.

Zubair Khan, don’t angry Salman Khan, got it? Salman reprimanded him for using rough language and commenting on the female contestants dressing sense. He asked him what he thinks of himself and why he considers himself superior to the others. Salman said he won’t tolerate his behaviour anymore and warned him of severe consequences. He questioned Zubair’s unreasonable attitude towards the other housemates. Meanwhile, Salman questioned Hina Khan for not raising a voice against Zubair’s attitude.

Hina said she has warned Zubair and asked him not to pass lewd comments but made it clear that she won’t take a stand when it comes to Arshi, who humiliated her previously.

Next, it was Arshi’s turn. Salman reprimanded her for commenting on a person’s sexuality. He made it clear that such a behaviour won’t be tolerated till the time he is the host of Bigg Boss.

Salman also showed few videos of the previous episodes to the contestants and took all the cases one by one.

But a video, of a fight between Akash Dadlani and Vikas Gupta, was a major twist in the episode. Salman asked both of them to enact it again and questioned Priyank Sharma why he got involved in their fight. Salman made them count the rules of the house and asked Priyank to leave the house right away, as he pushed Akash during the fight and that’s NOT ALLOWED.

Zubair Khan, Jyoti Kumari, Arshi Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Bandagi Kalra have been nominated this week. Who will be evicted tomorrow? “Do whatever you want to do man but don’t be like these people man?” was Salman’s message to the audience.

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