Bigg Boss 11 17 December 2017 Written Episode, BB11 Written Update

Colors Bigg Boss 11 17h December 2017 Written Update, BB 11 Written Episode

Today’s (17.12.2017) Bigg Bos 11 episode starts with Mouni Roy entering the Bigg Boss 11 house and challenging the contestants with a controversial task. She presents a tree before them which has different tags hanging such as Greed, Short-tempered etc and everyone has to individually come and name the person who deserves the respective titles. Hiten goes first and calls Puneesh the angry young man. Shilpa gets “Greed” and she crowns Arshi Khan as the greediest contestant inside the house by citing instances to prove the same. Puneesh Sharma has to name the contestant who is egoistic and without thinking twice, he takes Hina’s name. Hina disagrees and says I think Shilpa is more egoistic, Arshi seconds Hina’s opinion. Hina is then asked to pick the laziest contestant and she picks Priyank. Vikas comes in next and is asked to name the person who is always jealous of others and he names Akash Dadlani. While Vikas gets the title of being the most emotional person. Arshi recalls hilarious instances.

Watching the results of the above task, Salman asks Akash why do you feel everyone is targeting you to which he quips maybe everyone is jealous of him. Salman teaches him a lesson of self-acceptance. Salman then moves to Luv and Shilpa and asks them what did you see in the BTS video shown yesterday. Luv says I was heartbroken watching Hina discussing I have a soft corner for her. Salman trolls Luv saying then what were you expecting her to say. Luv retorts that I just didn’t like how she said he knows I am in a relationship with Rocky, still he has feelings for me. Salman continues to make fun with every next reply of his. Following which, Hina and Luv get into a small argument where Hina says it’s okay Luv, relax to which Luv says no way, I don’t even have 1 percent feelings for you. Salman has the last laugh…

Next is Shilpa’s turn to put forth her point of view after watching the BTS video. She says how she felt betrayed by Vikas Gupta who projects to be in her support but feels otherwise behind my back. Arshi jumps in to further slam Shilpa and calls her a psycho again. Salman intervenes and throws a fun task where two contestants have to face their backs, yet manage to reply with same answers to everything Salman asks. Arshi and Akash go in first and give honest answers. However, the highlight is when Arshi picks her own name when Salman asks who is that one person who belongs to nobody in the house but soon realises and picks Puneesh’s name instead.

Next up are Puneesh and Hina. Who is two faced person asks Salman and both pick Vikas. When asked who’s the drama queen of the house, both name Arshi Khan where Priyank also calls Arshi for being the one who provokes people to fight inside the house. Next up are Vikas and Hiten; Who according to you should have left the house within the first 3 weeks? Both pick Aakash and also call him the most shameless/misbehaved person in the house. Meanwhile, Shilpa and Puneesh secretly discuss how Vikas is actually scared of Shilpa which is why he behaves so sweetly with her. They even bitch about Arshi and say how can this woman stoop so low.

Salman enters the house and throws a new task with Priyank and Hina on one side and Vikas-Arshi on the other side. Both the teams have to wrestle it out verbally as well as physically and win. Salman plays the umpire and it begins…First round is about selling yourself to by talking about your strength. Arshi and Vikas overpower with their words and put forth valid points on why they are more deserving and more true. The contestants who are playing the audience declare Arshi-Vikas as the winner, eventually making them win the round 1. Second round begins with wrestling. Hina and Arshi go in first and as expected Arshi defeats Hina handsdown while Vikas defeats Priyank. With this – Vikas and Arshi win the game.

Finally, here comes the eviction. Priyank and Hiten who are the two eliminated contestants are sent to a secret room while Salman tells the remaining contestants that here’s a new shocker coming up. He tells them that tonight all you guys will decide who should be out this week. Mind you, Priyank and Hiten are watching this while the others debate. Arshi and Puneesh think Hiten is deserving to stay but Hina differs. She says you cannot decide on the basis of seniority or personality. Arshi asks Vikas to intervene. Shilpa too picks Hiten but in the end when it comes to the game, all mutually agree that Priyank should stay because Hiten is a stronger competitor. Shilpa honestly says that Hiten certainly was a threat to her …

Priyank returns with a happy face and thanks everyone for saving him. Arshi gets emotional that Hiten has left..Vikas is shocked how Shilpa changed the game last minute and went against Hiten who always stood by her since the start of the show. Even Salman gets upset seeing Hiten walk out.

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