Bigg Boss 12 17 September 2018 Written Update BB12 Written Episode

Colors Bigg Boss 12 17th September 2018 Written Episode, BB12 Written Update

Today’s (17.09.2018) Bigg Boss 12 episode starts with late last night, Deepak sings Bigg Boss song, which is too good. The whole contestants join Deepak. After that Deepak says to Urvashi that there are some contestants are fake and they are tried to be nice for the camera.

In the morning, all the contestants wake up and dance together. Saba asks Jasleen about her relationship with Anup Jalota. Jasleen tells her that Anup Ji for me is the best friend, teacher and everything. After some time again Saba asked Anup Jalota about Jasleen and his relationship. Jasleen is upset with Saba for being too curious about their relationship when she has already spoken to her.

Bigg Boss gives the first task to contestants where the contestant who gets the opportunity to press the buzzer at different intervals can nominate a jodi who will be asked questions by other contestants.

Bigg Boss 11 contestants  Hina Khan and Hiten Tejwani make special entry in the activity area where all the BB12 contestants are gathered. Anup and Jasleen sit as a jodi against Srishty Rode, who is single entry in Bigg Boss house.  Some contestants asked Jasleen and Anup Ji about their relationship. Shivashish, Saba and Karanvir Bohra point out that while Anup is readily accepting to be in a relation with Jasleen, Jasleen is not accepting it, She finally agrees to it.

All the contestants along with Hina and Hiten are asked to vote as to who among Anup-Jasleen (jodi) and Srishty (single), they think to be weak. Majority vote for Anup-Jasleen to be weak.

After the task, Neha, Dipika discuss how Jasleen was not ready to accept her relationship while Sreeshant praises jasleen for handling the questions. 

Later, Nehha Pendse challenges Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani in the BB Press Conference task.

Nehha Pendse says Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani are still not over the excitement of being in the Bigg Boss house. She says Deepka talks a lot and some of it is pointless. Bigg Boss 12 housemates are impressed by Deepak Thakur’s retort.Big Boss asks everyone to vote for the weakest housemate. Nehha Pendse gets the maximum votes and she is declared weak. 

Somi and Saba Khan decide to make Bigg Boss 12 interesting. Somi gets into an unnecessary argument with Shivashish Mishra to get some footage. Most contestants seem to get Somi’s plan. Saba speaks for her sister as Sreesanth comments about Somi, he replies her to stay out of it as conversation is not about her.


Saba and Somi get into an agreement with Bigg Boss contestants. Saba questions them about what work have they done in the house today, Dipika replies that she is not bound to reply to this question to her at this point in the show. 


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