Bigg Boss 9 10 November 2015: Task Just Got Fishy In The House

Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble Latest News, BB9 Gossips – Day 30 10th November 2015 Episode Update

In today’s episode of Colors show ‘Bigg Boss 9’ contestants gear up for yet another luxury budget task ‘Highway task’. The Highway task has brought a box of surprises for the housemates. What? The sub-tasks.

The Highway task has 4 milestones in the form of 4 cities and the first milestone is the city of Kochi.

In this task both the teams face off against each other in a quenching task. Now the catch here is the object they have to quench. Fish! Kochi docks are famous for fishing and the contestants will fish with their mouths. Like, literally. This task was totally hands-free as the contestants used their mouths and transferred the fishes to their other teammates and so on till the chain transferred it to a destination basket.

Whichever team that completed the task earliest, won. If the team riding the rikshaw won, they would be able to get back all their members. But if the opposite team won then they got a special power to eliminate any member of the team.

Your eyes must be twitching to know who won the task, but comrade, have some patience. Don’t miss the action in tonight’s episode!


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