Bigg Boss 9 28 October 2015 Written Episode, BB9 Written Update WU

Colors Bigg Boss 9 Double Trouble 28th October 2015 Written Episode – Day 17 Episode Update

Day 16 (continued)
Prince team song Aj ki party starts playing, Prince and his team runs towards washroom as its played there, they start dancing on it, Prince lie on floor and dance like snake, Aman, Arvind, Keith, Rochelle, Yuvika and Rimi dances on song while Kishwar as supervisor watches them and says your team is not wearing mikes (,,

Suyyash team song starts playing, he is fast asleep, he wakes up, he wakes up his team that is Vikas, Mandana, Yuvika ,, Kishwar watches them.

Day 17
All are sleeping, Mei Khiladi toh Anari song plays, inmates dance.

digi ask Prince if he has not slept at night? Prince says it doesnt matter if i was awake. Vikas likes Prince’s status. Prince says to Aman that he could have liked it at night but he didnt, now he has done it just for show off.
Mandana says to Rochelle that Prince and Suyyash are both same, if i support Prince then i am very nice for him otherwise i am bad, he doesnt have any constant thinking, Rochelle says both are not deserving to be captain. Rochelle says we are choosing best of worst, for me Prince atleast listen to what others want to say.

Rochelle says to Mandana that Prince got message from his family not from baba thats why he has changed totally, Mandana says i you and Keith are friends and suddenly i will become all b***cy about you, i would start calling you bit*h and insult Keith? it means whatever Prince did was fake all this while, atleast Suyyash didnt change much after listening message, Rochelle says Prince is not changed too but he is trying to play individual now, he got involved with Kishwar and Suyyash too much which he is trying to change now.

Aman tells Prince that i was in washroom, Mandana was saying to Rochelle that Prince doesnt have mind of his own, he gets influenced fast, first he was influenced by Suyyash now by babaji, Prince says not by babaji but by my family.
Suyyash says to Rimi that Prince get angry so fast, i know Pricne very well, Rimi says you just do task genuinely, if you have to win then you will win playing fairly, Suyyash says yes i will do that.

Prince is updating his status, Aman suggest him. otherside Vikas says to Rimi that Aman should behave his age, he is above 50 so he should be sober.

Bigg boss calls everyone in living area. Yuvika is curling her hairs, she says to Vikas that Suyyash and Prince both are same for me, Vikas says give chance to Suyyash once.
Yuvika gives her support to Suyyash after taking it from Prince.
Bigg boss says to inmates that Kishwar will decide who was more entertaining in friendspage, Kishwar says both teams were good, Prince team members didnt wear mikes when they were dancing so Suyyash’s team has won, Bigg boss says Suyyash will get extra user now, Kishwar puts extra user(anonymous) on Suyyash’s board.

Prince says to Arvind that i wont ask anyone to become my friends, i have friends.
Kishwar says to Keith that Prince team has more members so it was more entertaining but most of you were not wearing mikes so you lost else you would have won.
Rochelle says to camera that i wanna give Suyyash a chance so i am changing my side, she puts her picture on Suyyash’s page giving support to him, Prince says to himself that this house is full of fake people.

Vikas says Prince is saying that he will allow everyone to sleep in his captaincy which bigg boss doesnt even allow.
Yuvika comes to Prince and ask if he wants to become captain desperately? he says yes. she comes to Suyyash and ask if he wants to become captain? or can wait, he says i am not dying to become captain, i can wait.
Prince says to Rochelle that buzzer can play anytime so change your side, she gives her support to Prince again.

In confession room, bigg boss says to Prince and Suyyash that a buzzer will play after 30minutes and those who are your friends will become your permanent friends but even after buzzer plays, you both will have chance to convince inmates that you are capable of becoming friends, you will put your points infront of them.
Prince comes and tell this to inmates, he says to inmates that i am thankful to all for supporting me, Mandana says why you change everyday? its like i end my friendship with Keith and Rochelle in a blink, Prince says i have just moved away from them not broken friendship, i just want to take my decisions.
Suyyash says to inmates that i will not give big promises but many people have problem with my anger so i will try to be calm and listen everyone.
buzzer plays, Kishwar says task has ended, Suyyash says no, task is continue that we can rectify things what we did in task.

Kishwar says to Digi that captain want to drink tea so make it, Digi says i will make for you and me, Kishwar says now we can break rules, i can speak english, Digi says i feel Prince will become captain,the time buzzer played, his attitude changed, Kishwar says i want this only, this Prince doesnt do anything, digi says he has broken many rules.

Rochelle is sleeping, cock music starts playing, Kishwar says no worries, sleeping is allowed now as Prince said, she comes to Rochelle and says keep sleeping as its allowed according to Prince, they laugh, Keith says you have said punch line, Kishwar says i love myself sometimes.
Kishwar says i dont know why task is still continued. Kishwar says Prince is dying to become captain, Rimi says suyyash will get chance anytime to become captain but that kid Prince is dying and is so excited to see become captain so all have given him support to become captain, i wanna see what that monkey can do as captain, i told him that you have too much less brain, use that when you become captain.

Rochelle is still sleepy, Kishwar says she should be called rule breaker, Kishwar Rimi make fun of Rochelle’s name, calling her Rochelle behen, Rimi says people was thinking how this sweet girl will survive in house, but when she entered house, her tongue started speaking so much that all fell flat infront of her, Kishwar says Rimi couldnt speak anything when she was tied to Rochelle, Rimi smirks.
Rochelle comes to Aman and says Kishwar is making fun now, she didnt say sorry for anything and now joking, Keith ask what happened? Rochelle says she is giving me names like rule breaker etc, she has done wrong so she should say sorry, she should not make fun of my name else i will slap her face.

Rochelle says to Prince that you can have one cup of coffee per day, Kishwar comes and says to Rochelle that you cant drink coffee, rochelle says did you see me drinking it? Kishwar says i saw coffee packet in your hands so came to say it, Rochelle says i have mind so i know i cant drink coffee right now, Kishwar says i dont think you have mind, Rochelle says dont make personal comments, Kishwar leaves. Kishwar tells Suyyash that Rochelle was showing too much attitude, i put her in her place, she says sorry for her snappy attitude, but now she wont do it, now i will not be lenient with her.
Keith says to Aman that Rochelle was just checking coffee packet and Kishwar started pin pointing at her, i will have to talk to Kishwar and if Suyyash comes inbetween then i will have to handle him,

bigg boss says to inmates that when i gave you friendspage task, you forgot important part of task that was punishment chair. Rochelle says i did focus in it, Bigg boss says it was for blocked user, it was said that if anyone does any mistake then they can use this chair, bigg boss wanna know from Prince and Suyyash if no one deserved to be seated on this chair? he ask Suyyash, Suyyash says Rochelle have problem, she uses english but i dont think anyone broke any rule, Prince says i didnt notice much too, Bigg boss says this is why you people are not understanding tasks, you people havent shown any creativity in doing tasks nor you have any enthusiaism to win task, supervisor keep crossing her limits but no one points at her, supervisor was seen saying that she will break rules and will speak in english, when it was said that task is still on, you people gave it up, seeing your carelessness, we are stopping task here as Prince have more friends so PRINCE IS NEW CAPTAIN, Prince thanks him and says we will try to do task more nicely, Aman says we dont concentrate on the instructions when task is given to us, we have concentrate more.


Rochelle says to Keith that Mandana doesnt Prince much, she said that Prince was with me in first week, then he changed side and went to Kishwar and now he is again changing side, she is trying to get goody with Kishwar now, Keith says Mandana have to play game too, she is making friends now, Rochelle says its seems fake to me, she didnt get along well with Kishwar till now and now roaming with her, Keith says let it be.

PRECAP- Bigg boss gives task to inmates, task name is “Shh! kid will wake up”, all you have to do is to be silent in task. Task starts, Prince will try to make inmates speak or scream by trying different things on them, he runs a wheel which has shoes placed on it, Keith sit near wheel, Prince hits shoes on Keith’s butts by moving wheel so that Keith will scream and kid will wake up, Keith bears the shoe kicking, all are giggling seeing it. Then Rochelle and Vikas places their face on tennis table and Prince hit them with ball to make them scream. Then Mandana wears birthday cap, Prince hits her neck by moving rubber band of cap up and down, all are appalled to see Mandana bearing pain. Then Prince pours bucket of ice on Digi, he keeps poring ice on her head, she bears cold, she clutches her fist and bows down her head but doesnt scream, all are appalled to see it.

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