Bigg Boss 9: Rimi Sen does it again, trends on twitter with last night’s one liners

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Rimi Sen did it again in yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 9!

It is known that BB9 contestant Rimi Sen is unhappy with her stint in Bigg Boss ever since she has made her entry into the Bigg Boss House.

The Dhoom 2 actress has been seen cursing Bigg Boss and the show format and has been much very vocal it. In the last week, the actress passed comments including “Muujhe laga yeh scripted Hai” and “Mujhe laga cateeen se khana ayega”. She is infact ready to be nominated willingly to get get out of the Bigg Boss House as soon as possible.

Last night’s episode (19.10.2015) we saw Rimi Sen once again entertained her fans with her one lines when being quizzed about her experience (not so good  experience) in Bigg Boss 9 by fellow contestants including Vikas Bhalla, Yuvika Choudhary, Aman Verma and Kishwer Merchant.

Here’s the excerpt from Rimi Sen’s funny conversation with Vikas and others:

Vikas asked Rimi “why do you wanna leave?” Rimi answered “I got negative vibes from this house, i wanted to experience it but the time i entered this house, i knew i don’t belong to here”

Kishwar asked from which inmate you get negative vibes? Rimi said “Not from any inmate but from bigg boss”.

Vikas asked “It is said that you want money from bigg boss” Rimi asked him “are you in your senses to ask me this, havent you seen my footages” Aman asked “what you want to say to bigg boss”  Rimi said “I hope bigg boss 10 doesnt start, two or three contestants should go through mental trauma that the show gets banned”.

Aman questioned her that when bigg boss started speaking, you said he started barking again, Rimi said “When Bigg Boss starts speaking, i make poker face like he started again” She adds “nothing can start in bigg boss, its finishing point, i would suggest to all to not come in bigg boss, dont come here to earn money”.  Kishwar added that yes, Bigg Boss decreases his own price money by making us do tasks, Rimi says they take our luggage, dont give us food etc, Vikas asks “your fans have voted for you, what about that” Rimi answered “I would trash them as they voted for me to stay here, when they are supposed to do anything then they dont and when they arent supposed to do anything then they are doing it, they have forced me to stay in this hell, i dont want money, bigg boss can keep it”.

Rimi Sen’s Bindass answers have been so much loved by Bigg Boss 9 Fans, that the actress has been trending on twitter. Check out some of the tweets from BB9 fans.

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Here’s Rimi Sen’s funny one liner’s video from last night episode (19 October 2015)

Well, Rimi Sen it seems like as much as you wish to get out of Bigg Boss 9, your fans want you to stay and see more of you!



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