Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 14 May 2015: Ashoka gets Chandragupta Maurya Sword, Will Sushim give up?

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The current track (14.05.2015) of Color’s Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat shows that Ashoka finds the sword in the center of the maze, but Sushim comes from behind and hits Ashoka with a stick.

They get into a fight, but Ashoka beats Sushim and goes to take the sword and runs back to the finish line of the Patliputra Mahayodha Competition.

Sushim chases Ashoka to stop him from taking the sword towards the finish line. He checks with Subaho in which direction Ashoka left. Subaho tricks Sushim as she had earlier refused to help him. Subaho shows him wrong direction.

Sushim gets lost and mad at Subaho. At the same time, Ashoka overhears Sushim’s call and finds that a tiger is about to attack him.

Ashoka helps Sushim as the tiger is about to attack him. Coward Sushim takes the sword and climbs upon a tree.

Ashoka has to face the tiger all by himself but he acts brave and faces the tiger.

Now, in the upcoming episode, it will be seen that Ashoka will manage to fight against the tiger.

Will Ashoka manage to take the sword till the finish line and win the Patliputra Mahayodha Competition? OR will Sushim once again play a dirty game and stop him from winning?

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