Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat latest: Devi Dharma (Subhadrangi) is Alive

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Latest news Gossips Spoilers Written Episode (Update) 16 March 2015 (16.03.2015)

The current track of Colors TV Chakravartin Ashok Samrat shows that Ashoka (Siddharth Nigam) fall down on ground unconscious. The lion is seen once gain and next he is picked up by some people and him to their place.

He regains his consciousness and thanks the people who are followers of lord Buddha and his way of life. Those people tell him that they are grateful to serve him because he has no clue what lies for him in his future.

Ashoka tells them that he is search of his mother, but they tell him that his goal is something else and he should rest and have some food.

King Bindusara (Sameer Dharmadhikari) remembers Ashoka. Sushim comes and disturbs his thoughts. He tells Bindusara that he wants to show him something. With help of his bow and arrow he shots at a flower which is at a very height on a tree and falls directly on his father’s feet.

He indicates that he has complete his training for war & weapons and is ready to become the next King. But Siamak differs enters there and differs with his thought. He tells that it is not necessary to win over a kingdom with weapons but win heart of its people.

They get into an argument where Sushim asks Siamak to tell name of a person who thinks of others before him and is ready to sacrifice himself for others.

Siamak tells Ashoka’s name and gives instances of Ashoka and his mother’s selfless service to others. Sushim feels insulted when King Bindusara asks him to leave alone with Siamak.

Queen Charumitra gets insecure to see Siamak bonding with king Bindusara.

Meanwhile the Buddha followers are seen preaching their students about having peace of mind for a good life, but Ashoka differs their thought saying that it is not true as his mother who always preached non-violence had to always do through hardships. Also, a non-violence route makes a person look weak and hence he decides that henceforth any one who makes him feel weak, he will use violence to prove his point.

At King Bindusara’s royal court a villager is blamed for stealing food for his ill son. King Bindusara is again reminded of Ashoka who had told him that it is a King’s responsibility to provide food for people of his Kingdom and decides to punish the man (Amatya) who blamed the man. However, he takes Ashoka’s name while taking his decision.

Chanakya (Manoj Joshi) suggests King Bindusara that since he is stressed with Devi Dharma’s (Subhadrangi) death and Ashoka’s Departure from Patliputra; he should take a break and go in the mountains for rest.

Devi Helena agrees to Chankaya’s suggestion which makes him wonder, what’s cooking in her mind against the Kingdom.

Chanakya is informed by Radhgupt about the messenger who took Devi Dharma the night she was killed. Chankaya suspects that Devi Helena is behind Devi Dharma’s (Pallavi Subhash) murder and tells him to find Nirjala who can reveal all the mystery.


In the upcoming episode, Chanakya finds that Devi Dharma (Subhadrangi) is alive and trying to hide Ashoka too is seen talking to King Bindusara that his mother is inside a cottage and will soon meet him.

What is the mystery behind Devi’s Dharma’s death? Why was Devi Dharma hiding from Chanakya.

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