Comedy Nights with Kapil leap of one year brings lots of changes

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Colors’ Comedy Nights With Kapil will soon see a change in its set and script as the show is all set to take a time leap of one year.

The show hosted by Kapil Sharma and his unique family has been one of the most popular chat shows ever since its launch and has attracted a lot of Bollywood Biggies to promote their upcoming movies on the show.

Apart from Bollywood, their have been special guests on the show from various other fields including sports, television etc.

Well, the show is now gearing up for a leap of one year and there will be some major changes in the character scripts as well as the sets of CNWK.

It is reported that Bittu, Kapil’s Dadi, played by Ali Asgar will be seen having memory loss problem while Manju, Kapil’s wife played by Shimona Charavarti will be seen doing a job. Manju’s sibling will be seen staying in the house along with Manju and Bittu.

Kapil’s Bua will not be staying in the house anymore as she will have won a big fortune through lottery and will be staying elsewhere.

Also, the set will showcase a tailoring shop which will be run by Palak (Kiku Sarda) and her mother Pankhudi (Kiku Sarda)

Well, this change for pretty much needed and will surely be a refreshing change for CNWK fans.

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