Dance Plus 3 (Dance+3) Voting Details, Missed Call Number, Top 8 Contestants Photos

Star Plus show Dance+3 Voting Details of Top 8 Contestants & Dance Plus 3 Contestants HD Pictures/Images

The top 8 contestants of Dance Plus 3 will compete to become the winner of Dance Plus season 3.

Judges score and audience voting will be taken together and the contestants with maximum scores will make it to the finale. The votings lines will be open till Monday, 04 September 2017 (8.00 am)

This is how you can vote for your favourite Dance Plus 3 Contestants (Dance+ 3 Contestants)

  1. AVP Crew – Give them a missed call on 18005321105 (Team Punit)
  2. Aryan Patra – Give missed call on 18005321103 (Team Dharmesh)
  3. Tarun and Shivani – Give them a missed call on 18005321101 (Team Dharmesh)
  4. Sri Ram Nataka Niketan – Give them a missed call on 18005321104 (Team Shakti)
  5. House of Suraj – Give them a missed call on 18005321102 (Team Punit)
  6. Amardeep Singh Natt- Give them missed call on 18005321108 (Team Dharmesh)
  7. Ayush and Mukesh – Give them missed call on 18005321106 (Team Punit)
  8. Bir Radha Sherpa – Give a missed call on 18005321107 (Team Punit)

Dance Plus 3 Images/HD Pictures

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AVP crew
Sri Rama Nataka Nikethan, dance plus 3, Dance+ 3,Star Plus,images,photos,pictures,HD
Sri Rama Nataka Nikethan

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