Dastaan E Mohabbat Spoilers: Murad to misbehave with Anarkali

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Dastaan E Mohabbat Salim Anarkali.

It would be seen that Salim (Shaheer Sheikh) gets possessive about his friend Anarkali (Sonarika Bhadoria). At the same time, Rukaiya makes sure that she exposes Salim’s friendship and love with Anarkali in front of Akbar and Jodha. She is confident that Akbar will condemn Salim and Anarkali’s relation.

Salim fails Rukaiya’s plan and comes to attend the dinner organized by Jodha. He acts drunk, while Rukaiya gets happy. He then greets everyone. Rukaiya realizes Daniyal failed in his plan. She then instructs Daniyal and Murad to misbehave with Anarkali. Salim gets angry when he finds Murad forcing Anarkali to serve him a drink.

Salim takes a stand for Anarkali He angrily serves drinks to Murad. His behavior shocks everyone. Salim hurts Murad. The dinner gets ruined by Salim’s anger. Anarkali too gets worried seeing Salim’s rage. She didn’t know Salim can get too fierce. Akbar gets angry with Salim once again.

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