Dhai Kilo Prem latest news – Piyush and Deepika to have a drunken dance during engagement

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Fans of Star Plus popular show Dhai Kilo Prem will have to gear up for some interesting drama during the engagement ceremony of Piyush (Meherzaan Mazda) and Deepika (Anjali Anand).

In the upcoming episodes of the show, there will be a sweet and romantic moment when both of them would get drunk.

Shared a source “As the ceremony will be going on, Deepika will accidentally gulp alcohol and get into an intoxicated state. Meanwhile, Piyush will purposely consume alcohol. This situation will get all the more electrifying when both of them will start dancing.”

Piyush and Deepika will engage in a romantic moment which will be followed by a ‘talli’ dance.

Further, it is known that Piyush Bua has put Deepika’s parents in trouble by demanding dowry. Piyush was initally happy that Deepika’s parents would not agree give Dowry and call off the alliance. But, Deepika’s parents agree to give Dowry for their daughter’s sake. Piyush too feel gulity to put Deepika’s parents in this trouble.

What will happen next? Will Deepika find out about the dowry demands?

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