Dhai Kilo Prem latest news – Role reversal for the men folk during Mehendi

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Fans of Star Plus show Dhai Kilo Prem (Sandiip Sikcand and Balaji Telefims) will have to gear up for an interesting track in the upcoming episodes.

In the last episode of the show, we have seen that Deepika (Anjali Anand) and Piyush marriage alliance got fixed again after the misunderstanding about Dowry demand by Piyush’s family got resolved.

Now, after a high point, the wedding is back on track now and viewers will get back to the light-hearted fun and drama wherein the men will dress up as ladies to attend the Mehendi function.

Shared a source, “This will be a hilarious sequence wherein all the men including Piyush (Meherzan Mazda) will mingle in the mehendi celebrations dressed as women. The best part about this sequence will be the men dancing to the number ‘Banno Tera Swagger’ in their lady avatars.”

Also, Piyush who still does not want to marry Deepika, would once again try his best to tell Deepika that he does not want to marry her.

Will Piyush open up to Deepika? Will Deepika and Piyush get married?

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