Dil Bole Oberoi 27 February 2017 Written Episode Update

Star Plus serial Dil Bole Oberoi Written Update 27th February 2017 WU Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 27.02.2017

Today’s Dil Bole Oberoi serial episode starts with Shivaye says to fail an enemy, its imp to know him, we know Shwetlana, but not so well. Om says I can do anything for my mum. Shivaye says then marry Shwetlana. Some time before, Shwetlana is on the way and talking to Tia on call. She says what shall I do if not get angry, no one listens to me, I decided to hire an personal servant.

Gauri prays in temple and says I m Ganesh ji’s special, you also help me, my husband is in this city, I don’t want to take his help and want to become independent, get me work job, please. Om calls Shwetlana and says how dare you decide when I should marry. Shwetlana says lower your tone, I will take a tone to go to Tej, he will come to me, what about your mum, you have seen the trailer. Gauri says Mata Rani, if you heard my prayers, give me some sign that

 I will get job, my courage will get high. Mata Rani’s chunri flies and falls over Shwetlana’s car. She could not see the way and hits the car to the pole. Om hears sound and says hello…… Gauri sees the car and runs to help. She holds Shwetlana.

Om says she disconnected my call and threatened that she will go back to Tej. Shivaye says problem is she knows our weakness, to fail an enemy, its imp to know him ,we know her, but not so well, my private investigators could not find anything about her, as if she erased her past. Om says it means there is some secret in her past which she wants to hide from us. Rudra jokes.

Om asks what does he mean. Shivaye says I understand, I told you to get engaged to Shwetlana so that we can get time to expose her in front of Tej, she is clever but did not get trapped, I know its tough to bear her, but some more time. Om says I can do anything for my mum. Shivaye says then marry Shwetlana. Rudra asks what. Shivaye says just a drama of marriage, she will make some mistake, I m sure she will get overconfident and make some mistake, then we will use her mistake. Rudra says if she does not make mistake then, Om will become Mr. Shwetlana, she is much older than him, what will people say if they go together in mall, they will say Bua and long haired nephew are roaming together. Shivaye says Shwetlana can’t become this house’s bahu, I m sure there will be some way. He sees Lord’s idol made by Om.

Gauri asks people to make Shwetlana lie there on bench, and call some doctor. The man says I don’t know any doctor. She checks Shwetlana’s phone and searches on net. She asks them to give her some fresh air and get water. She gets a call and answers Shwetlana’s phone. The man from placement agency, asks is this Shwetlana’s phone. She says yes, what did you say, Sultana? She scolds him and tells about accident. She recalls his words and says Shwetlana needs a servant and I m that.

Jhanvi says Om I know you are doing this for me, don’t ruin your life for me, I don’t want her shadow to fall on my son. He says I know what I m doing, I promise to make that woman out of our lives, it will take some time, don’t worry, I stay in my mum’s blessings shadow, no one’s shadow can reach me. She says I feel you have seen and learnt a lot in few days, I m glad my son is not scared, but fight with life, I think you should marry now. He thinks of Gauri. Saathiya…..plays………..

He says I have some work, I will see him. She stops him and says my heart says, there will be someone who will fill your emptiness with happiness. Gauri asks Kamdhenu to get up. The man asks why are you calling her Kamdhenu. Gauri says because she is going to give me work. She sprinkles water on Shwetlana. Shwetlana gets up and scolds the men for touching her. The man argues. Shwetlana says you poor people help rich people to loot them. The man asks her to mind her language, now she can go when she apologizes. She refuses. Gauri says calm down, I will talk. She asks Shwetlana to be quiet.

Shwetlana says what nonsense, do they think I will be scared if they say. She throws money on the man’s face for his help. The people refuse to let her go. She says I will call police. Gauri says calm down, she is hurt and does not know what she is saying. The man says you won’t go without apologizing. Gauri says wait, have these, you all are getting angry, have these sweets, your anger will go. She gives that to everyone and runs with Shwetlana. The men catch them.

Na jaane kahan se aai hai…..plays………… Gauri and Shwetlana dance and run. Gauri fools the men. Gauri manages to take Shwetlana. She gives the phone to Shwetlana. Shwetlana says thanks for phone and saving me from people. Gauri says when you were unconscious, I answered call. Shwetlana says I will call back placement agency. Gauri says no need, I can do all the work, I can cook also. Shwetlana says I don’t want Bai, I want a servant, a sophisticated one.

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