Dil Bole Oberoi upcoming – Omkara’s Roka, Gauri disheartened

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In the upcoming episode of Dil Bole Oberoi serial on Star Plus, it will be seen that Shwetlana realizes Omkara was checking her room and informs Mrs. Kapoor about Omkara’s moves.

She plans to plant Chulbul in Omkara’s room, so that Chulbul can spy on Omkara well. Mrs. Kapoor asks her how will Omkara agree to keep servant in his room. Gauri and Omkara think of their marriage. Gauri thinks to do her job with honesty and keep an eye on Omkara.

Shwetlana makes a plan and scares Chulbul by putting rats in room. Gauri screams seeing the rats and runs out of room. Gauri hugs Omkara in fear. Rudra jokes on Omkara’s love interest in Chulbul. 

Shwetlana scolds Chulbul and wants to fire him from job. Rudra goes to check the room for rats. Gauri swears there was really rats in the room. Rudra sees the rats and tells everyone about the rats coming to eat laddoos.

Gauri says I did not get any sweets in my room. Shwetlana asks Chulbul to leave now as there is no room free. Omkara asks her will she fire him for such small issue. Shwetlana argues with Omkara. Omkara agrees to keep Chulbul in his room.

Tej gets a custom bed made for Jhanvi. He wants to remove Jhanvi from his room. He asks Jhanvi to decide her new room. Omkara asks Chulbul to leave and does not want any servant to know their personal matters. Tej announces that he will not bear the burden of dead relations.

Gauri gets to know Jhanvi and Tej’s bitter relation. Jhanvi cries seeing Tej’s behavior. Tej insults Jhanvi. Omkara angrily breaks the bed into pieces.

Omkara asks Tej not to make him helpless to insult him more. Tej and Omkara get into an argument over Shwetlana. Omkara taunts Tej for having a problem, as Shwetlana left Tej for him.

Omkara makes a decision to hurt Tej. He announces his marriage with Shwetlana. He makes Shwetlana wear the shagun bangles in front of Tej, and does Roka himself. Gauri gets upset seeing this.

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