Dil Bole Oberoi Written Episode 13 February 2017 Written Update

Star Plus Dil Bole Oberoi Written Update 13.02.2017 WU Dil Bole Oberoi First Episode Written Update

Dil Bole Oberoi serial (13th February 2017) episode starts with Omkara reaches Bareilly for striking the land deal. He gets out of the his car in front of a temple.

Shivaay calls Om to get update about the deal. Omkara tells him that its land deal and it will take time. Shivaay asks him if he is good. Omakara doesnot answer and disconnects the call and unknowingly drops his phone on the ground. He tells a man to take him to Kaali Thakur for the land deal. Anika sees Shivay worried.

At the same time, Gauri teaches dance steps to some kids at the temple. She tells them to keep rehearsing. A boy tells her that her  favoruite actor Salman Khan will never come to Bareilly. She tells him that he is sure her Prem will come to meet her here. She has belief that her love will surely come Bareilly. Omkara enters her life. Gauri passes by Omkara. She finds Omkara’s phone and runs after him to return his phone.

Anika calls up Omkara. Gauri after some short dilemma answers the call. Gauri gives her introduction to Anika. She tells Anika that long-haired guy dropped the phone in hurry. Anika is worried for Omkara. Gauri and Anika share some unique words knowledge. Gauri tells Anika not to worry and think positive. Anika says belief cannot do anything alone and that a person also has put in his/her efforts. Gauri is self content and tells Anika that she is happy and every problem will run away seeing her strong belief on Lord.

Later, Omkara reaches Kaali Thakur’s haveli to meet him and complete the deal for the desired land for 500 crores hotel project.

Kaali Thakur decides to get remarried. His wife Jhanvi begs him not to do so else she will die. Kaali tells her to better die and give him some peace. Kaali hurts Jhanvi. Omkara hears Jhanvi screaming.

Jhanvi runs out of her room and comes downstairs. Broker tells Omkara that Jhanvi is Kaali’s wife. Omkara connects to Jhanvi by recalling his mother. He finds Jhanvi in pain and touches her feet, telling her that even his mother’s name is Jhanvi. Jhanvi Thakurain blesses Omkara.

Om meets Raja Sahab (Kaali Thakur). He tells Om that he will have to pay three times the money in order to get the land for his hotel because they are three bother but the land is only one. Om writes the amount on a cheque and signs it. Om shows the cheque to Raja sahab. he says one zero is less. Om says he will fill the last zero when he gest the complete document for the land. Kaali Thakur agrees.

Later, Kaali tells Kanchi to get on with her work. Kanchi wnats to kill Gauri’s mother. She leaves her mother on the road in midst of traffic. Gauri sees her mother meeting with accident. She begs on the road to the cars passing by to help take her mother to the hospital. The doctor tells Gauri to arrange for money for her mother’s operation. Gauri says i don’t have it right now but i will get it arranged. Doctor tells her to ararnge money by evening else the counter will close. Kanchi and Gauri get into argument over money.

Precap for 14 February 2017

Om orders to clear all the shops from the land he bought. Gauri confronts him over her shop on the same land. She runs a crane on his car.

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