Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 18 January 2019 Written Update

Star Plus Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 18 January 2019 Written Episode – Rocky puts happy in a car trunk

In today’s episode of Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji it is seen that everyone is enjoying Mehendi ceremony of Dinky ji. Happy’s friends tease her over Chintu’s name. Happy tells Smiley to let her apply Mehendi first, but Taya ji calls her for a work. He gives her Rs. 50000 to get change from a shop in order to make payments to wedding vendors. Taiji tells Taya ji how can he give so much money to happy, she has never seen so much money in her life, what if she loses it, Tayaji warns Happy not to fall in any trouble else she does not have to come back to the wedding and go back home in Amritsar. Happy is in tears with their harsh words. She leaves for getting change, Rocky’s best friend over hears this conversation and informs Rocky. Chintu sees Happy leaving for some work and is once again smitten by her. He tries to talk to her but just keeps looking at her and feels her dupatta. Happy gets the change money from shopkeeper.

Rockys gets an opportunity to get back at Happy and take his revenge. On her way back, he follows her and kidnaps her just when she enters the resort (wedding venue). He lock her in a car trunk. Happy’s Tayaji and Taya ji find Happy is missing and get angry that he has once again put them in trouble, Happy tries hard to come out of trunk and is very scared, she gets her childhoood memory, when she and her father where stuck in a lift, her father reminds her of a peom to give her courage, he gets a heart stroke and dies while being stuck in the lift, Happy too faints in the car trunk. Chintu sees Happy’s mother is tensed and asks her what happened, she tells him Happy is missing. He goes to look for her, on his way out, he notices Happy’s dupatta from a car trunk, he rescues her and gets her back to wedding, everyone is shocked, Rocky’s friend tells Rocky, what is with Chintu that he keeps helping Happy, Rocky says i have given her a good leson, lets leave. Chintu tells that someone played a prank and locked Happy in car trunk. Happy’s mum says who could have played such a dirty prank.

Happy is taken to her room by her cousins, she trips and falls on ground, Rocky comments that it is the right place for people like her, they get into a argument, happy tells him to remember that he has can never make her happy with his acts as she is always happy from within.

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