Doli Armaano Ki Latest: Samrat behind Shaurya’s fake cancer plan

Doli Armaano Ki, Latest news, Spoilers, Gossips, Written Episode, 16 April 2015

The current track of Zee TV’s Doli Armaano Ki shows that Ishaan (Vaibhav Roy) consults another doctor for Shaurya’s cancer and is shocked as well as happy to find out that Shaurya has no cancer and is absolutely fine.

Meanwhile. before leaving to meet Samrat (Mohit Malik) at a hotel where he calls Urmi (Neha Marda) to spend a night with him, Urmi leaves her Mangalsutra for Ishaan indicating that she does not deserve to be Ishaan’s wife as she has only given him pain and troubles.

Urmi does not sleep with Samrat

Ishaan rushes home to inform Urmi and finds that she has already left for Samrat’s place. He rushes to go behind her stop her from sleeping with Samrat. However, it is seen that he is very late.

When he reaches the hotel, he finds Urmi distressed and is very tensed. However, he is relieved to hear from Urmi that she could not sleep with Samrat.

Urmi curses herself to be a very bad mother as she cannot save her son Shaurya now. Ishaan informs her that Shaurya does not have cancer and he is absolutely fine.

Later, Ishaan and Urmi gor to Samrat’s hotel room and inform him about Shaurya’s good healh. Samrat is shocked and does not look happy with the news.

Once, Urmi and Ishaan, Samrat is seen getting furious as all his plan get spoilt and he feels being cheated.

Samrat had planned Shuarya’s Fake Cancer Reports to ruin Ishaan-Urmi’s Marriage

He is also worried that that Urmi and Ishaan should not find the truth about his dirty plan about Shaurya’s cancer being a lie framed by him.

What happens next? Will Ishaan and urmi find out Samrat was behind Shaurya’s fake cancer reports?

What will be Urmi’s reaction? Keep reading this space for latest news from Doli Armaano Ki.





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