Doli Armaano Ki latest: Urmi slaps Samrat for revealing truth to Shaurya

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In the current track of Zee Tv’s Doli Armano Ki it is seen that Samrat (Mohit Malik) is shocked to know that his son Shaurya is suffering from cancer and decides to use his news against Urmi (Neha Marda).

Samrat informs his son Shaurya that he is going to die soon as he is suffering from cancer. Shaurya is shocked to know about his illness and is completely shattered.

Urmi finds this out and slaps Samrat for such evil intentions ad not thinking about his son.

She lashes out at Samrat and warns to kill him if he continues to hurt Shaurya.

Ishaan stops Urmi and asks her to go and attend to Shaurya who needs her at this time.

How will Urmi save Shaurya? Will Urmi give up and go back to Samrat in order to save her son Shaurya?

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