Doli Armaano Ki Spoiler: Samrat to force Ishaan to slap Urmi

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The current track of Zee TV’s Doli Armano Ki has lots of emotional drama for Urmi (Neha Marda) as Samrat (Mohita Malik) is taking full advantage of her helplessness to save her son Shaurya’s life.

It is seen that Samrat is playing his awful games to create problems for Urmi and Ishaan (Vibhav Roy).

Well, the problems will deepen further in the upcoming episodes.

According to a source, Samrat will ask Ishaan to slap Urmi in front of everyone, if he wants them to help to save Shaurya.

Ishaan loves Urmi as well as Shaurya but for the sake of Shaurya’s life Ishaan will go to Urmi and slap her when she will be serving the breakfast to the family.

Everyone will be shocked but Damini (Kamya Punjabi) and Samrat will be very happy with this incident.

Ishaan will not give any reason for slapping Urmi and just leave. Urmi will think that Ishaan wants to break the marriage as he doesn’t want her to sleep with Samrat.

And finally Samrat will be successful in creating misunderstandings between Urmi and Ishaan

Will Samrat succeed in separating Ishaan and Urmi? Will Urmi save Shaurya and sacrifice her marriage with Ishaan?

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