Doli Armano Ki latest: Ishaan hurt and snubs Urmi after his insult

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In the current track of Zee TV’s Doli Armani Ki all is not well between newly married Ishaan and Urmi.

Urmi get furious and misunderstands Ishaan when he gifts her a sexy lacy nightwear. Ishaan gets hurt with Rashmi’s bitter words.

However, later on Urmi finds out that its was a mistake by the shopkeeper and Ishaan had actually bought a pretty blue evening gown for her.

She thinks of making it up with Ishaan and plans a surprise dinner for him and wears the gown that actually intended to gift her.

However, Ishaan is deeply hurt after being insulted by Urmi. He tells Urmi that he will not come any close to her ever again. and Urmi is left shocked with Ishaan’s reaction!



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