Doli Armano Ki Latest: Urmi dances in front of Samrat to save Shaurya’s life

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The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s Doli Armano Ki will show that Samart (Mohit Malik) continues his bad deeds to hurt Urmi’s (Neha Marda) self-respect in return for saving their son Shaurya’s life.

The Doctors have informed Urmi that only Shaurya’s siblings can help her to save his life and that the DNA should match with the real father that is Samrat.

Urmi is now in a dilemma whether she should chose her sin’s life of her married life with Ishaan (Viabhav Roy).

Ishaan and his family give their nod to Urmi for having another child with her ex-husband Samrat to save Shaurya’s life.

It will be soon seen that Samarta will demand Urmi o dance in front of him wearing Ghungroos in her feet if she intends to have a physical relationship with him for sake of her son’s life.

Urmi will be seen fulfilling his demand.

What happens with Urmi & Ishaan’s married life after this? Keep reading this space for latest news from Doli Armano Ki.




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