‘Doli Armano Ki’ latest: Urmi to have another baby with Samart

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The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s Doli Armano Ki will soon have a major shocking twist.

In the current track of show it is seen that Urmi (Neha Marda) & Ishaan (Vaibhav Roy) are having good time at their honeymoon but they have to return back as Shaurya is extremely unwell.

It will be soon seen that Shuarya will be diagnosed of Cancer. The doctor will suggest Urmi to have another baby as the bone marrow of the other child will be help in Shaurya’s treatment.

However, the doctor tells her that the other child needs to have the same DNA and hence Samrat (Mohit Malik) will have to be the father of the second child.

Urmi will be in a big dilemma given the fact that she is already married to Ishaan who loves her a lot and Samrat being her biggest enemy.

She will have to save her child at the cost of giving away her self respect.

What will Urmi do? Keep reading this space for latest news from Doli Armano Ki.





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