Doli Armano Ki Latest: Urmi to openly confess her love for Ishaan during Holi

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The current track of Zee TV’s Doli Armani Ki shows that Ishaan’s family is celebrating Holi.

Ishan (Vaibhav Roy)  is still upset with Urmi (NehaMarda) especially when Urmi let her friend Sanaya to do Holi Pooja with him and she did not do Holi pooja with him.

Urmi goes to put Holi colour on Ishan’s face, but he doe snot put colour back on her and ignores her and Urmi feels bad.

Urmi still tries to go and talk to Ishan and tells him that she wants to have a conversation with him privately, but Ishan is adamant and tells her to speak openly in public.

Later, Samart (Mohit Malik) makes a surprise entry during Holi celebrations along with his wife Tani. Not all of Ishan’s family members are happy to see him their except Urmi’s mother in law Damini.

Samrat vows to ruin Urmi’s Holi celebration and her life.

In the upcoming episode it will be sen that Sanaya convinces Urmi to openly confess in front of other family members, her true feelings and love for Ishan.

It will be interesting to see if Urmi can confess her love for Ishaan in front of everyone.

Will she be successful to confess her love? or Samrat will ruin her Holi celebrations?

Stay tuned for more updates from Doli Armani Ki.






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