Doli Armano Ki Latest: Urmi accepts her love for Ishaan

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The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s Doli Armano Ki will finally show that Urmi (Neha Marda) has finally accepted her love for husband Ishaan (Vaibhav Roy).

In the current track of the show it is seen that Damini (Kamya Punjabi) has succeeded in creating misunderstanding between Urmi and Ishaan in order to separate them.

Ishaan’s family is celebrating Holi and Urmi is shocked when her friend Sanaya and Ishaan enter the celebrations holding each others hands.

Sanaya tells Urmi that she will do Holi Pooja along with Ishaan. Urmi is again speechless as she had waited for a long time to do the Holi Pooja with Ishaan.

Urmi is hurt and goes to the terrace and cries with all of this incident. Sanaya comes on the terrace and Urmi questions her why did she do the Holi Pooja with Ishaan.

Sanaya taunts Urmi that she should not be affected by all of this as Urmi and Ishaan do not share a husband and wife’s relationship and are just friends.

In the upcoming episode, heartbroken Urmi realises her love for Ishaan while debating with Sanaya and finally accepts her love for Ishaan.

Looks Like, Urmi’s friend as staged this drama to get Urmi and Ishaan together! Will Urmi confess her love to Ishaan?

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