Doli Armanon Ki Spoiler: Samrat’s yet another evil plan to cut Urmi’s Bed leg

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The current track of Zee TV’s Doli Armanon Ki shows that Samrat (Mohit Malik) leaves no chance to create problems between Urmi (Neha Marda) and Ishaan’s (Vaibhav Roy) marital life.

Samrat is extremely frustrated to see Urmi getting praises from everybody. Post Urmi’s love confession to Ishaan during Holi celebrations, the two are spending some romantic moments with each other.

Samrat too is staying along with Tani in the same house and is jealous to see them together.

Samrat tries to instigate his son Shaurya against Ishaan, but Shaurya jerks him off and calls Ishaan his father. Urmi too, verbally humiliates Samrat and it annoys him further.

Samrat tries to brianwash Tani to get Anirudh transfer one of his Hotel in his name. Shocked by his demand, Anirudh asks Samrat to work along with him in the office.

Samart accept the offer and decide to teach a lesson to Urmi.

In the upcoming episode, soon it will be seen that Samrat will spoil yet another good time between Urmi & Ishaan by cutting off one of the legs of their bed.

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