Dream Girl latest: Laxmi unaware of Samar’s reality & Laxmi’s suicide prank

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The upcoming episode of Life OK’s Dream Girl will bring interesting some twists in Samar (Mohsin Khan) and Laxmi (Nikita Dutta) lives.

The present track shows that Samar Sareen who belongs to a big family from film industry pretends to be a common man (Raj Samosewala) in front of Laxmi and her Bua.

Laxmi’s dream man is Samar Sareen because she wants to debut with him in the film industry.

Laxmi is unaware about Samar’s identity and always taunts him for his untidiness. Samar and Laxmi’s cute fight starts some soft corner in Samar’s heart for her.

On the other hand, Laxmi gets an idea to teach a lesson to her office staff and pretends of committing suicide. Her staff members get scared as they feel that they can get arrested.

Being unaware of the fact, Laxmi’s prank of suicide back fires on her and affects her career.

Ayesha (Shraddha Arya) decides to throw Laxmi out of her company. Ayesha asks other staff members about their opinion for Laxmi and all of them speak against her.

Laxmi realizes her mistakes and pleads everyone to keep her in the company.

Will Laxmi successfully convince everyone and save her job?





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