Ek Deewana Tha 12 December 2017 Written Episode, EDT Written Update

Sony TV serial Ek Deewana Tha 12th December 2017 Written Update, EDT Written Episode

Today’s (12.12.2017) Ek Deewana Tha episode starts with Vyom throws Sharanya on the bed and tries to force himself on her while covering her mouth (it seems to be Shiv who is making him do this). He tears the top of her blouse in the process. Her eyes widen in shock.

Bishts knocks at the door. Vyom gets alert. He is still reluctant to let go of Sharanya. She manages to finally push him away. He leaves the room. Sharanya notices her torn clothes, covers them with her dupatta and opens the door. Mrs. Bisht asks her why she looks so tensed. Sharanya says you know how Vyom troubles me. I shouted just like that. Vyom asks her what he did. She shakes her head saying nothing. Haldi ritual is done. Go now. Your parents are waiting for you. He leaves. Mrs. Bisht asks Sharanya if everything is fine. Sharanya agrees to join them after freshening up. They nod. She begins to cry as soon as she locks the door from inside. The rocking chair moves on its own. She recalls what just happened and begins to angrily throw things in her room. She thinks of all the lovely lines spoke by Vyom till date. She pushes all the books angrily on the floor. Shiv is also present there. Why did you do this Vyom! Did I make a mistake in understanding you or did your true face come in front of me today? Vyom’s words about love keep echoing in her head. Which one should I believe – that what you said to me till date or that what you wanted to do with me today? Were all those words a lie or is this? This wedding!

Odhni drops the envelope in mud by mistake when a car honks. It drives over it. Even a motorcyclist drives his bike over it. She picks it up but fails to understand what’s written in the letter. A guy steps down from the car and aims his gun at her head. She is shocked to see the same flower delivery guy!

Madhvi cries wondering how she should stop this wedding. This house will be destroyed if this wedding happens! She thinks of her trump card. I can separate Sharanya from Vyom for forever with it. She presses the button on the side of her bed. The safe pops open. Shiv’s photo is kept inside. Madhvi tries searching for the envelope but is unable to find it. Who took it? No one apart from me knows about this. Even the key is missing. What’s happening! Madhvi hears someone knocking on the door and gets scared. She looks the safe and sets everything as it was earlier. It is Rajan. He enters with a smile on his face but looks at her suspiciously. Behind closed doors, you either love or plan. You never loved me so what are you planning? To kill me? She looks away. He suggests her to look at him lovingly once. I will die just like that. She looks disinterested. He wonders how an unromantic woman could give birth to a diehard lover like Vyom. Maybe he got my love too which is why he is like this. Your silence tells me that you are hiding something from me. She denies. He warns her not to even think of doing anything wrong. Things wont turn nice for you then. Better be careful. He goes. Madhvi heaves a sigh of relief. Where did that key and envelope disappear? Who took them? Rajan! She panics. If he would have found out earlier that I have a proof against him then he would have killed me long ago. It cannot be him! Who is it then? Who knows about it apart from me?

Sharanya is sleeping when Shiv leans on top of her. He rubs his cheeks with hers. Mrs. Bisht calls out to Sharaya. She wakes up feeling strange. She thinks of Vyom forcing himself on her, looks at her ring and clenches her fist angrily. She decides not to hide this from her mother. She goes out looking for her mother. She asks a few ladies about her mother but they shake their head as they smile at each other. Some other people and even Sharanya’s family reacts in a similar manner. Mrs. Bisht asks Sharanya if she slept with the haldi on her face. Vyom’s love is casting its spell on you. Sharanya looks at herself in the front view camera. She recalls how she had cleaned it all yester night. She is about to wipe it off when she recalls what she had felt while she was sleeping. It wasn’t a dream then. He did come here. Shiv looks at her.

Precap: Mehendi function is going on. Mrs. Bisht and Chandni are dancing. Madhvi overhears Rajan and Mr. Bisht discussing about Vyom. He is missing?


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