Haasil serial upcoming twists – Ranvir plans to kill David but Kabir gets trapped

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In the ongoing track of Haasil serial we have seen that Kabir (Vatsal Sheth) finally manages to expose Naina and her fake pregnancy.

It is revealed that Aanchal (Nikita Dutta) had found out about Naina’s doctor going missing mysteriously. She realizes that something is fishy. Kabir and Anchal joins hands to expose Naina. Kabir tells David to ask moment to hide her pregnancy truth. He gives him spy cam. David confronts Naina and puts her on a gun point after which Naina reveals that she not pregnant with his child, she is not pregnant at all. She reveals that it was her brother Rohan and her plan to trap Kabir into marrying her.

Kabir, Aanchal, Ranvir (Zayed Khan) and rest family see this live feed on their TV thanks to the spy cam. Naina also reveals that there is a rich and powerful guy behind all of this but does not reveal the name. Naina asks kabir to forgive him for not trusting him. Kabir hus her while Ranvir is furious seeing their love for each other.

Later, David decides to leave the town fearing that his life could be at risk, Kabir and Anchal reach David’s place. David forgets his holy  thread, Kabir says i will get it for you and goes back into the house while David and Aanchal are outside. Ranvir’s men had planted a bomb at david’s place while kabir is inside the house.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, it would be seen that the bomb will explode. Aanchal shouts out for Kabir fearing for his life. Kabir will surely survive the blast.

Further, it would be seen that Ranvir will move on to his next plan where he would trap Aanchal in emotional drama with his terminal illness. Ranvir would shave off his head and go bald. He would fake his surgery. However, things will get tensed a renowned doctor from US would be called for his surgery. Ranvir would be tensed.

Will Ranvi get exposed? How will Anachak and Kabir find out Kabir’s truth?

Lots of more twists and turns in store for the viewers ahead. Stay tuned to this space for latest gossips, spoilers and upcoming story of Haasil.

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