Ikyawan 12 December 2017 Written Episode, Ikyavan Written Update

Star Plus Ikyawan 12th December 2017 Written Update, Ikyavan Written Update, Ikyawann Written Episode

Today’s (12.12.2017) Ikyawan (Ikyavan) episode starts with Satya hands sushil her hair band,and the game begins,sushil says 15 min and I will win this game,Satya says if you can make mango juice in 15 min and mend stage too I can win this game,Satya touches her hand while taking ball,sushil finds odd and leave the ball and Satya makes goal,sushil applies powder to her hand,her friend says cheating,she say is hate him touch me so this is it’s answer. Sushil about to throw powder at Satya, he sees it and dodges her and she falls on the ground,Satya takes the ball and makes a basket again.

Leela passing by with vijay,Leela says you are handling business very well,he says even sejals entry is good sign,Leela says she is bad for house, and sees satyas bike and says oh it’s his match,in college today. A dog enters the court and sushil gets scared,Satya shows him way out,confused and scared sushil gives ball to Satya,Satya says I was playing fair but you cheated,sushil says you were touching me, Satya says but I’m winning with this basket and makes one.

Sushil very angry,Leela enters college,and says where will I find Satya,vijay says let me call him,Leela says don’t I want to surprise him,and signs Chano and stands on her,and shouts oh my boy Satya,the whole canteen gets scared.all cheering for Satya,sushil says he has planned all these things even the dog thing,friends ask how does he know you are scared of dogs,sushil says he does and rushes to Satya and holds his collar and says you must be everyone’s senior but stop troubling me, couldn’t win so sent a dog and pulls ball of his hand and makes a basket and leaves.

Leela asks a girl where is Satya,she points at the ground,Satya says why are you angry because you lost or because you scared of dog and all learnt,sushil says I have no shame in it,you cheated,Satya says what you think I got that dog,you are right,look I can’t play and you are best but still I won because I take competition as fun and not as war,sushil says but tomorrow in treasure hunt be careful because you will need brains for it looser,jiggi says he should be talking sweet but look at his tone,what’s wrong did he forget about the challenge.

Satya says sushil you are girl will always loose, it’s not possible to win against me,sushil says right because guys like you just know to cheat call yourself a hero but cheat where did you learn this from,and leaves,Leela sees her go and thinks what is she doing here,Leela sees jiggi but before could reach him,he leaves.

Jiggi says Satya what about bet,you have to loose here to win challenge,duffer,Satya says look girls like winner boys, once I win this fest bet will be mine too and sees Leela and very happy,Leela says how are you,Satya says make way for another trophy I won the match,Leela says very good but what is that girl doing here,the one who spoilt vishus wedding,are you, Satya says dadi she is in this college and my match was against her and I won against her,Leela says good she lost,her attitude, do anything but win when it comes to girls like her.

Phui starts looking for sushil,and says where is she,Shivam getting sushil home and says it’s ok win in treasure hunt and I made a poem for you while making a laddu to cheer you up,phui asks Nitesh where is sushil,and asks naresh tell em where is she tell me truth.nitesh says is visiting fiend for some work. Shivam says repeat my poem and if you don’t Satya is right you are looser,sushil says I have no problem loosing but he cheated,Shivam says okay,

Naresh says phone isn’t working,phui says tell me which friend I will go and call her. Sushil comes with Shivam,phui asks where were you and this wound,sushil says bhai came late and this because of dog and leaves,naresh says herfrind has dog and plays with her.

Naresh hiding doll,Bapu and Mehul comes in and ask what are you doing in darkness,naresh says nothing just walking let me get water, phui walks out and says Mehul all went good and sushil made laddu,go sushil get water,Nitesh slowly takes doll away,Mehul asks where is sushil,phui says oh she was here.

Sushil comes out and says mapa Dadaji will you have food,phui says when did you change,Nitesh says Bapu Prasad,phui says sushil will give and says tell Dadaji how you made laddu,Shivam trying to sign her.

Precap : Satya says to sushil played basket ball first time but won, I play treasure hunt pats years be careful.


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