Internet Wala Love Gossips: Aadhya to witness Jai and Ash kissing each other

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Internet Wala Love. It would be seen that Ash makes Aadhya believe that she is in love with Jai and he also loves her. Aadhya gets shcoked but does not believe her.

However, Ash plays a dirty move. She goes to the washroom and stands in front of Jai in a bad sight. Aadhya enters the washroom and thinks that Jai and Ash are kissing each other. She gets hurt and thinks Jai didn’t tell her about his love for Ash. She runs away from there crying. Ash and Rupa get happy to see see their plan working.

later, Jai comes to meet Aadhya that he gets bored without her as he like he gets habituated of her presence. Aadhya asks Jai did you say I love you to any girl or feel anything for any girl. Jai is surprised and is unaware of his own feelings for Aadhya. He doesn’t know that the feelings which he feels for Aadhya is love. Vihaan and Rajat make him realize his feelings for Aadhya.

At the same time, Samrat tries to trap Shubhankar in fake case and accused him of taking a bribe for match-fixing. He wants Shubhankar to get arrested and then blackmail Aadhya to marry him.

Jai surprises Rupa on her birthday. He gets a lovely cake for her. Rupa gets happy seeing the family and friends in the surprise birthday party. Jai gives a gift to Rupa for the first time. She gets emotional to see the beautiful moments in the photo collage.

Jai tells everyone that Aadhya has given him this idea and also helped him in photo selection. Rupa thanks Jai and also praises Aadhya. Though she dislikes Aadhya, she doesn’t show her objection to anyone. Rupa wants to stop Jai and Aadhya’s friendship and love. Rupa and Aishwarya tell Jai about the evening party. Jai and Aadhya’s work trip gets cancelled. Jai wants to find a solution to make up to Aadhya.

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